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How to Play Guitar in The Last of Us 2 Plus 14 Songs You can Play

by Georgie Peru

Ellie and Joel are both somewhat musical geniuses. So, if you fancy a break from killing Clickers, you can strum up a few creations of your own and learn how to play the guitar in The Last of Us 2.

By picking up a working guitar, players can control Ellie and play the guitar. Once you’ve picked up a guitar, you’ll see a circle on the screen which is divided into six sections, each containing a different note.

Players can use the left or right control stick on their PS4 controller to point to a chord on screen. Once a chord has been selected, simply swipe your finger over the touchpad to strum the guitar. If you want to pluck individual strings, simply tap the pad.

How to Play Your Own Songs on Guitar

When you pick up a guitar in The Last of Us 2, you’ll usually have to play the song that the game wants you to. Once you’ve finished playing, players can choose to practice with the guitar, choosing to play any song they want.

This is where the fun starts! It’s time to forget the Shamblers and grab Ellie’s guitar to create your own jams. Alternatively, players can play any song they know in the real-world like the ones below.

List of Playable Guitar Songs

Here’s a complete list of the songs you can play on the guitar:

  1. Johnny Cash – Hurt
  2. The Eagles – Hotel California
  3. Bob Marley – Redemption Song
  4. Chris Isaak – Wicked Game
  5. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
  6. Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
  7. Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
  8. Pearl Jam – Future Days
  9. Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
  10. Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
  11. Nirvana – About A Girl
  12. The Cranberries – Zombie
  13. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
  14. Shawn James – Through The Valley

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