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Grounded Bees – Where To Find Them In Grounded

by Kegan Mooney
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Grounded bees were introduced in the Grounded 0.6 update. Among bees, Grounded players saw new bugs including mosquitos and fireflies, but where can you find bees in grounded and what can you do once you have found them.

As you might expect, with new bugs come new items to craft, including:

  • Bee Armor Set
  • Firefly Head Lamp
  • Mosquito Needle

As well as the new Grounded bees and other bugs to find, the latest update changed how your equipped items work in-game.

Equipped items no longer take up backpack space, which is great and something that should have been done some time ago. Equipped items will also remain on the player after they die, incurring a small amount of durability damage.

In my opinion, this makes the game a little too easy, but I can see why they’ve done it. It just doesn’t suit my playstyle.

There is also a new mutation too, the barbarian, you can unlock the barbarian mutation by using the club to kill creatures and once unlocked you will get increased damage with the club.

If you have the Mint Mallet, this mutation will make you near unstoppable.

What Are Grounded Bees?

Grounded Bees are new insects added to the game since update 0.6. Bees fly around grass, dandelions, and bee hives. When a bee lands on a dandelion, it will then go to a work-in-progress bee’s nest.

grounded bees update 0.6

What Do Grounded Bees Do?

The bees in Grounded simply fly around collecting nectar. Once they’ve collected the nectar they bring it back to their beehive.

The beehive is located on the picnic table in the backyard, to the East. During the night, bees in Grounded will sleep on the ground.

Do Grounded Bees Attack?

Bees are neutral which means they won’t attack unless they are attacked. Bees will defend themselves (much like in real-time) and will attack a player after being attacked.

As you can imagine, bees deal a significant amount of damage so it’s recommended you deal with them quickly.

Grounded Bees Drop

Bees drop Bee Stinger and Bee Fuzz if they are killed. A Bee Stinger can be used in the following Grounded recipes:

If a bee drops Bee Fuzz, you can use it to create:

Grounded Backyard

The backyard in Grounded is simply the map or game space in Grounded. It contains several biomes which have landmarks. If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll probably feel a bit nostalgic, spotting plastic toys and food packages among the areas.

The map contains 7 different biomes with 4 already developed and accessible. These include The Grasslands, The Haze, The Hedge, and The Oak Tree Pond.

You can read the full Grounded 0.6 update patch notes on the official website. Grounded is available to purchase on Steam, or you can download it via the Microsoft Store for Xbox. Grounded is currently included for free as part of the Xbox Game Pass.

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