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How to kill a Shambler in The Last of Us 2

by Kegan Mooney
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With the Last of Us Part 2 bringing in some new infected as well as keeping the old ones, we wanted to remind you how to deal with the existing infected and show you how to kill the new ones, starting with how to kill the Shambler in The Last of Us Part 2.

shambler last of us part 2

Shamblers are a new enemy in The Last of Us Part 2 and are the rare fourth stage of the Cordyceps virus and one of the more difficult enemies you will face in the game.

Although once you’ve dealt with them a couple of times, taking them out does become easier as you become more aware of their attacks, abilities, and weaknesses, that’s where we come in.

Avoid the AOE:

Shambler’s biggest threat is their acidic gas cloud that has a fairly large area of effect.

The Shambler will release its gas cloud once the player reaches certain proximity, so it’s vital to try and keep a good distance between you and them.

Gas clouds not only cause constant damage when you are in the range of them but also cause you to have reduced vision too, making dealing with them and any other enemies in the fray, even harder.

Clear the area:

Each time I have faced off against a Shambler, I have seen another one not too far away, making them even harder when they’re in groups.

Try to clear out all of the Clickers and Runners before focusing on the Shamblers, this will make the fight much easier to cope with and allow you to keep your distance without a runner slowing you in your tracks.

If you can take them out silently before engaging in combat, even better, that will stop them from swarming you and giving the Shambler the chance to get close.

How to kill the Shambler:

Shamblers have massive amounts of armor, making them almost invulnerable to pistols, but by the time you see your fist Shambler you should have picked up the shotgun.

Make sure you have crafted some Molotovs as the Shamblers are not only stunned by them but also take a significant amount of damage from them.

If you don’t have molotovs, use pipe bombs if you have them in your inventory.

Once they have been hit by the explosives, they will take damage and be stunned, this should give you time to take out either your shotgun or rifle and shoot them in the head, inflicting large amounts of damage.

As soon as the Shambler starts coming towards you again, rinse and repeat, use an explosive then aim for the head.

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