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Guest Post Submissions:

If you would like to write a guest post for us or include a sponsored post on our website, please use the form below to get in touch.

There are a few rules to follow, so please read the rules below before submitting your guest post submission to us:

  • The guest post must be in US English and well-written.
  • The guest post must be unique and not posted to any other blogs (it must exist on our website only).
  • The article must be at least 800 words, but ideally up to 1,500 words.
  • The quality must be high as well as being relevant and comprehensive.
  • The submission must contain a bio where you can write about yourself and include a link to your website or blog.
  • We reserve the right to decline any guest post or submission.
  • The article must not contain the same title of an article already existing on our website.
  • The guest post must be related to gaming (whether it be gaming news, gaming previews, or a gaming review).
  • If you want a sponsored post on our website, the fee is $150 (up to 800 words).
  • If you want us to include a Do-Follow backlink in an existing article or review, there is a $95 fee. The backlink must be related in someway to gaming or the gaming industry. Tech gadgets that are related to gaming, e.g. gaming keyboards, gaming chairs, etc. are allowed.
  • We encourage the use of images within your post, as long as they are relevant and not copyrighted.
  • Any other links contained within the article must be high quality and relevant.

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