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How to kill a Clicker in The Last of Us 2

by Kegan Mooney
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As we have recently shown you how to deal with the new infected, we thought we should also remind you how to kill Clickers in the Last of Us Part 2 as well.

Kill Clickers last of us part 2

Clickers are blind, which can give you an advantage, but their strength means you will be killed as soon as you are grabbed.

The best way to deal with clickers is silently, using R1 to stealth and creeping up on them very slowly (and quietly) making sure they don’t hear and grab you.

When creeping up on a Clicker I tend to keep the left thumb stick just under half way to ensure I’m not moving to quickly.

Once you have creaped up on them, stealth kill them like you would any other infected.

If there are runners in the area, try to stealth kill those first, if they see you and run, they will alert the Clicker, making your life so much harder (and shorter)

Kill it with fire!

If you really can’t stealth the Clicker, maybe the environment just doesn’t allow it, or there are too many other infected, a well placed Molotov or pipe bomb will keep it busy and hurting.

Simply throw the Molotov at it, all infected will run to the fire, and simply pull out your gun and aim for it’s head.

Shoot it:

Don’t have Molotovs or pipe bombs and the environment wont allow you to sneak? Time to go in noisy!

If there is a crowd and you know you need to go in noisy, then the clicker should be your first target, that is unless there is a Shambler there too.

Accuracy is key here, one wrong move can be the difference between life and death, you want to aim for the head, don’t bother wasting shots on it’s body, you will just be throwing away ammo.

A well-placed shot or two, depending on your weapon of choice will make it’s head explode, leaving it extremely dead…er!?

Go Negan on it:

The only time you want to get close to a Clicker is if you have a mele weapon other than your default switch-blade.

Using a baseball bat and going all out Negan on the Clicker will make short work of it, without it getting close enough to be able to hurt you.

This is actually one of the most simple methods, but can be difficult when in a larger crowd, when dealing with multiple infected, stealth will always be the better approach.

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