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ark tek armor

Ark Tek Armor Controls: How to use Ark’s Tek Armor

If you’ve played Ark, chances are you’re already aware that there are a lot of mechanics and controls to get used to, even the most veteran players will still have aspects of the game they...[Read More]

Euro Truck sim 2 Controls

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Controls to Help your Driving

If you’ve already played Euro Truck Simulator 2 the chances are you already did the tutorial and have already made a few deliveries, but did you know there are tons of hand Euro Truck Simulator ...[Read More]


How to Summon Valheim Eikthyr Boss

Eikthyr is the first boss you defeat in Valheim and opens new farming opportunities by doing so, but first, you must summon Eikthyr and defeat him. As Eikthyr is the first Valheim boss you will take o...[Read More]

How to Get the Mini Bike in 7 Days to Die

If you have played 7 Days to Die chances are you already know how valuable transportation can be, and the 7 Days to Die Mini Bike is the crown jewel of transportation. There are other ways to get arou...[Read More]

drake hollow aether ward

Drake Hollow How to Cross the Aether / Water Without Dying

Drake Hollow’s map is covered with vines, Feral creatures hell-bent on destroying you and the cute little Drakes in which you are tasked to defend, it’s also covered in a sea of doom known...[Read More]

Ranch sim stocking wood

Ranch Sim How to Make Money Fast

Ranch Sim is the latest game from veteran simulation game publishers Excalibur Games, as per many sim games, you start off with your late grandfather’s ranch which is a mess and you have little ...[Read More]

Drake Hollow Game

Drake Hollow How Many Drakes Can You Have & Growth Stage Ages Explained

Your main objective is to look after your Drakes and ensure their survival. Drakes can be killed by the Feral, die of hunger, thirst, boredom, and exhaustion. Players must build structures in their ca...[Read More]

Drake hollow glowstone on roof

Drake Hollow Where to Find Glowstone Shards

We’ve already taken a look at Crystals in Drake Hollow, which are used to increase the age of your Drakes and also help to increase the overall level of your camp, but where do we find Glowstone...[Read More]

How to Reach Camp Level 4 in Drake Hollow Quickly

Reaching camp level 4 is one of the quests near the start of Drake Hollow, but how do you quickly reach camp level 4 in Drake Hollow? We’ve taken a look at the best ways and how they will affect...[Read More]

Drake Hollow Thorns

Drake Hollow How to Find Crystals & Level up Drakes

Drake Hollow us the latest game from Indie developers The Molasses Flood, creators of The Flame in the Flood. The game features cute little plant-based creatures which you are tasked with helping, but...[Read More]

Worms rumble controls tutorial

Worms Rumble Training Guide

Worms Rumble is the latest instalment of the Worms series from Team17 and while it’s title would make you think that it’s the same as any other Worms game, they have completely changed the...[Read More]

7 Days to die tips and tricks

7 Days to Tips and Tricks: The First 7 Days

7 Days to Die is a challenging zombie survival game, but it’s so much more than that. I’ve personally been playing the game for years now, and so much has changed (mostly for the better). ...[Read More]

Ark boss king titan

How to Summon & Defeat Ark’s King Titan Boss

The King Titan Ark boss was meant to be one of the final bosses in the game, which would have been followed by Ark 2 until of course development started on Genesis part one and two instead. Since this...[Read More]

Ark How to use the Tropeognathus

With the recent release of the new Ark update including the dino Tropeognathus as well as the Crystal Isles map, many players are wondering how to use all of the new mechanics that come with the Trope...[Read More]

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