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Game Review: Tropico 6

by Kegan Mooney
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I’ve been looking forward to writing this Tropico 6 game review. For years now the Tropico series has always followed a cartoonish direction. The release of Tropico 6 has pushed the game into a whole new direction, with improved graphics, tons of new buildings, raids and new political options.

Tropico 6 game review
Tropico 6

The game feels so much more in depth than Tropico 5 with a larger amount of content and maps. The game now runs on the unreal engine and boasts some impressive looking graphics.

Customisation options:

As with other Tropico titles you can customise El Presidente. But this time he is solo, with the dynasty system being removed and focusing more on a true dictatorship.

Tropico Review

The palace can now be customised, and you will have the chance to unlock even more customisation later in the game. Many buildings have different variations in terms of their style, meaning housing estates can be unique.

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Tropico 6 now has Islands:

tropico map

For the first time in the Tropico series, the game is played on an archipelago with the ability to travel from island to island, and shifting goods between them. You can now build bridges and tunnels making transportation even more efficient.

New resources:

The game now features new resources to trade or produce new trade goods with. From alligator farms to rubber plantations, there are plenty of new resources to work with.

Tropico series reviews

The improved UI gives you a better idea of efficiency when placing buildings now too. Goldnuts are also and interesting addition to the game, gold bars are hidden in coconuts and smuggled off the island.

The first time you encounter goldnuts is due to selling gold for funding independance without the crown knowing. I’ve noticed an increased difficulty in espionage and political tactics in this entry to the series, with a constant fight to balance superpowers opinions of you.

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