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Whats new in Tropico 6?

by Kegan Mooney
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The format of a single island has now been replaced with multiple islands, you can now also build different types of ports and docks allowing both your goods and citizens to travel between these islands.

You can also wait till the World wars era and build a bridge between the islands, meaning your citizens do not need to get a boat to travel between them.

If you notice that it wont let you build a bridge between your islands, it’s possible that the distance is too far, the game has a limit on how long these bridges can be.


You can now help reduce traffic and satisfy tropican’s needs by adding well placed buss stops around the island.

As you will see from this article there have been a few changes to transportation in Tropico including new docks and car parks.


Why go around a bridge when you can go through it?

How To Use Tunnel Connection In Tropico 6 (Quick Tips)

As per other additions to the game, tunnels make moving goods and people around the island so much quicker and easier.

Dynasty has gone:

El presidente is now on his own, with the dynasty system now removed, the game has moved back to a full dictatorship.

They have also brought back election speeches from previous versions of the game, meaning you have the chance to influence the course of an election by speaking directly to a faction you may have been struggling with or acknowledging and making promises to improve issues within Tropico.

Teamster’s Dock:

Teamsters are used to facilitate the transport of goods around the island, but now that there are multiple islands you will need a Teamster’s Dock to move goods from one island to another, without this you may find that some of your island struggle to function correctly.

Palace customisation:

You may now add a personal touch to your palace, adding barbed wire and satellites to make it look like a military fortress, or you can add a maze and plants to make it look like a beautiful safe haven.

Building variations:

Many building games are often let down by the fact entire building areas are perfectly identical, this is not an issue with Tropico 6 as they have now added in building variations. This now allows you to change between many different models and variations of the same building.

Although they still function the same, they look completely different, giving you housing estates that aren’t just a series of buildings that are replicated, adding a nice realistic approach to city building games.

Full simulation:

Tropicans are now fully simulated behind the scenes, meaning they take breaks from work, they go to church or they visit the local store.

Depending on how you run the islands they may take more or less time of work than normal, there are now a lot more intricate factors to take in when planning the island, or creating policies.


There is now the new option of raiding, where you can steal wonders of the world, collect resources or steal money. As well as bringing new citizens to the island.


You no longer need to research buildings, instead you buy the blueprints to them, research points now accumulate and store, and can be used for new edicts and work models.


The broker is a financial aid deals in “perfectly legal” tasks to help you build your Swiss bank account, you can also spend money with him to boost things such as reputation with a certain faction.

Graphics engine:

Tropico 6 has now moved the game to a new graphics engine, which has resulted in much cleaner, more realistic graphics. This was a wise choice by the developers resulting in a much more realistic and less cartoon like approach to the game, making the graphics of the game now on par with some of the other AAA city building games out there.

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