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Minecraft texture packs

Minecraft Windows 10 Texture packs

Many people think that you need Minecraft Java edition to have mods, however, you can actually get Minecraft Windows 10 texture packs too. In fact, there are so...

7 Days to Die Beginners Guide: The First 7 Days

7 Days to Die is a challenging zombie survival game, but it’s so much more than that. I’ve personally been playing the game for years now, and so mu...

The Best Conan Exile Mods Listed

Whilst Conan Exiles is a great game on it’s own, it can be made even better with some mods. We’ve setup a server and tested some of the best Conan E...

Ark Official Vs Unofficial Which Ark Servers are Best?

When looking at Ark’s official vs unofficial servers, I personally do not think there is a simple answer to which is best. I’ve played thousands of ...

ark bambi guide

Beginners Guide to Ark: How to Survive the Ark

For new players to Ark, survival can be extremely difficult which is why we have put together our complete beginners Ark survival guide for new players to Ark. ...

Ark Metal Farming Methods: How to efficiently farm metal in Ark

Depending on what type of server you are on, farming metal on Ark can be quite a chore. Thankfully we have some Ark metal farming tips & methods that will h...

ark taming review

The Best Ark Mods Reviewed

When running a server, one of the most frustrating questions is what are the best Ark mods to use on your new server. With thousands of mods out there, we have ...

Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack & Planet Zoo 1.4 Update Released

Yet again, Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster developers Frontier Developments have managed to create another remarkable DLC this time in the form of an aquatic pack...

How to tell if art is fake or real in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Redd is a crafty fox in Animal Crossing New Horizons who will try and rip you off with fake art, it’s down to you to be able to spot the difference betwee...

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