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Ark Survival Evolved Nintendo Switch

by Kegan Mooney
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Ark Survival Evolved Nintendo Switch Edition is something that has just felt like a passing gimmick to me.

Firstly, the game requires some serious specs to run well on it’s PC counterpart.

However the Xbox One X that boasts some decent hardware still seems to struggle with it. I speak from experience!

So, how does it handle on Nintendo’s partially portable console? The bad news is, not very well.

Ark Survival Evolved Nintendo Switch Graphics

Ark Survival Evolved Nintendo Switch Edition has had the graphics set back to absolute bare bones. In my own testing, it still seems to struggle to produce noteworthy FPS.

On PC, Ark Survival Evolved looks fantastic on ultra graphics. I have a library of absolutely stunning screenshots I have taken, and find enjoyment in taking them.

However, this would not be possible with the Switch version of the game.

ark nintendo switch

Ark Survival Evolved Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Personally, after years of playing the game on PC, it’s hard enough playing on a console version as it is.

For instance, in PVP scenarios it’s pretty hard to react as quickly and survive.

For the casual gamer, there’s no doubt this version will be just fine. But if you plan to play the game seriously, pick up a copy of the PC version.

Many of you will know, Ark Survival Evolved has been known for it’s choppy gameplay. I’m sure you’ve experienced the bugs and the time it takes them to be fixed.

That being said, Ark is one of my favorite games, I have had no issues looking past the bugs and choppy play.

My computer is of high enough specs that I barely notice them, but I do sympathise with those who do have issues with performance.

In conclusion to this short review, whilst I don’t think a Switch version was really necessary.

It’s still a great game that everyone should have a chance to enjoy. Therefore if you are not bothered about the stripped back graphics, go for it.

The game is great fun and above all, if the lowered graphics mean better performance, consequently you will get a better experience, so just enjoy it.

Take a look at the latest Ark Survival Evolved update here (Console) and here for the PC version.

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