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Ark Survival Evolved:

I recently stated that there will be no further Ark DLC’s released and as a result sparked some deputes on this in the forums.

I personally still find it hard to call this a DLC or an expansion as the map had previously been available on the steam store and has simply been given official status.

This would take very little development effort, allowing for staff to focus on a squeal or other projects. But that being said, the map is outright beautiful and easily one of my favorites, and was before ever becoming official.

Ark: Survival Evolved Valguero

As you can see from the spawn map there is a good variety of regions that have been well spread out across the 63 square kilometer map.

The map features some stunning environmental features such as Auroras at night time also stunning rainbows and the freezing air in the snow desert.

The environment offers a great mixture of ways to explore from an active volcano to a network of tunnels and caves to be explored. This is defiantly a map you wont get bored of.

If you have tried it yet you can download Ark Survival Evolved Valguero from here. Want more news and reviews for Ark? Take a look at our Ark game hub.

Creatures as listed on gamepedia

Take a look at the full list of creatures on Ark Survival Evolved Valguero as listed on Gamepedia.

Unique Creatures

Valguero adds the following creatures:

Other Spawns

Aberrant Creatures

We can expect the next content drop in the form of the upcoming two-part DLC, Genesis coming in December 2019.

Genesis will be bringing a host of new features, creatures, and weapons to the game and even the ability to build on the shell of a giant turtle.

Ark DLC’s always bring a lot of excitement and we are especially excited about this next one.

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Valguero is one of those maps that you just have to take the time to explore, you find a base location, then soon enough realize there is somewhere better and move on. And it keeps throwing beautiful areas at you, that just keep you wanting to move. It's a stunning map with wonderful attention to detail. If you haven't tried it yet, you really should.
  • Stunning views
  • Great building areas
  • Awesome new dinosaurs
  • Attention to detail
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