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How To Turn Nudity Off Or On in Conan Exiles

by Kegan Mooney

Being a Conan game, there are two things you come to expect, extreme violence and nudity, but what do you do if you’re settings are blocking nudity, or you want to block them.

The first thing to note is that the ability to toggle nudity on or off might depend on if you are playing on single player, or on a public server.

Toggling Conan Exiles Nudity On / Off For Single Player

Turning nudity off on single player is very straightforward, simply go to your game settings, press gameplay and change the nudity setting to the desired nudity level.

What Are The Nudity Settings For Conan Exiles?

There are three levels of nudity within the Conan Exiles settings, each of them alters the level of nudity displayed.

  • None: There will be no nudity and all private parts will be covered
  • Partial: This only effects femal charictars, who will show their breasts, but keep their bottom half covered
  • Full: Complete nudity, with all genitals on display

I Have Set Full Nudity But My Charictar Is Not Nude?

You might have already set the nudity level to full or partial, but have noticed your character is still covered, the most common cause for this is the server settings.

If you are playing on a public server, the chances are they have got nudity turned off, you might want to check this in the chat, or you can go back to the server listings, where you can see the servers nudity settings before joining.

If you really want nudity on, then you might need to consider joining another server, that allows nudity, if not, you will have to live with the fact that you’re going to have to keep your kit on.

Taking Your Nudity To The Next Level

If you came here to toggle nudity to the max, then you might be interested in taking it to the next level, which can be done with the help of several Conan Exiles nudity mods.

Much like the Ark community, Conan Exiles has a great modding community, some of which push the game’s ultra-adult settings to its extremes, you can read more about these here.

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