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Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack & Planet Zoo 1.4 Update Released

by Kegan Mooney

Yet again, Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster developers Frontier Developments have managed to create another remarkable DLC this time in the form of an aquatic pack and even another update with the free 1.4.2 update.

This time adding new sea creatures to the ever growing roster of animals in the game.

As you can imagine, this would not have been the easiest of content packs for them to create, as they would need to work out how to create the boundaries underground without the game thinking animals have escaped, but they have managed it perfectly.


It has to be said before even looking at anything else the pack offers, the Planet Zoo aquatic pack adds penguins, something I have been desperate to see in my zoo since day one.

Planet Zoo Penguins

You can now build stunning underwater pens, with some stunning viewing galleries, with so many interesting options in how to let your visitors see your new aquatic animals.

If you plan to create a perfect viewing gallery, I highly recommend taking a look at the video below from DeLadysigner, her creations have inspired me so many times and helped me to create something truly fantastic.

You can also allow guests to enter the penguin enclosure to get an even better view.

Other new animals

Penguins are not the only new animals to join our zoos in the Aquatic pack, I just felt considering how amazing they are, they should have their very own special mention.

There are also a few other new aquatic animals too:

  • Diamondback Terrapin
  • Giant Otter
  • Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman
  • Grey Seal

New Scenery

As expected with content packs, there are of course tons of new scenery items to play with.

The Planet Zoo Aquatic Pack adds over 170 new scenery items to the game, which helps making your aquatic enclosures look absolutely stunning in no time.

As the developers mentioned on their release post, the new assets have a modern style, making them suite any type of enclosures.

They have created this set of scenery in a specifically modern style as many of the new animals come from all around the world and include different types of environments, which understandably would not be easy for them to keep within one theme.

Deep Swiming

As would be expected from an expansion called the Aquatic pack, deep swimming has been added to Planet Zoo.

This new feature allows for some absolutely amazing design opportunities, with the use of underwater viewing galleries.

Don’t forget, many of these new aquatic animals will need their very own underwater feeder, a new item that can be placed at the bottom of the water to feed your animals.

You will also need to make sure that the water is deep enough, as each of these new animals will have their own depth that they prefer to swim at.

Planet Zoo Free Update 1.4

As well as the amazing Aquatic update, we also received the free 1.4 update too, making 8th December and even better day for Planet Zoo fans.

Water Temperature Regulator

Woking in a very similar fashion to the other facility buildings, the water temperature regulator maintains a stable water temperature within it’s range.

This is a great addition and really helps us to ensure that our animals are looked after and kept at the correct temperature at all times.

There is also a new heat map which can be used to help you monitor the effects of the temperature regulators across your zoo.

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