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Planet Zoo How To Use Guest Entrance Gates And Stop Their Moaning

by Georgie Peru
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I’m here to let you in on a little secret about the Planet Zoo guest entrance. If you’re new to Planet Zoo or have been playing for a while, you may be getting frustrated seeing guests say “I suppose the view of the Indian Peafowl is okay from here”, when their faces are literally pressed up against the glass.

The best way of keeping the guests happy is to build a guest gate and let guests into the enclosures to get up close and personal with the animals. Of course, don’t let them in with the lions or other dangerous animals.

Things have progressed MASSIVELY since Frontier’s Zoo Tycoon. I’m going to show you some amazing discoveries which knock the socks off Jurassic World Evolution.

Planet Zoo View

Well, you CAN actually allow your guests to mingle with your zoo inhabitants. Have you seen the guest gates in the barriers menu?

That’s what they’re for! This truly is a revelation, and since discovering this, my guests are HAPPY! The guest entrance gate is my savior. When you compare Planet Zoo to the likes of Zoo Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon 2, and Jurassic World Evolution, you can almost hear Frontier’s development thoughts.

Do you see that?! “It’s amazing to be in the same habitat as these Indian Peafowl”. Granted, these are Ostrich’s we’re looking at, but you get the picture.

Here’s how to use Planet Zoo Guest Entrances:

  1. Create enough room for a wide path
  2. Build your habitat
  3. Add a habitat guest entrance gate
  4. Place paths in the habitat
  5. Place donation boxes

How To Open Enclosure To Guests

So, you may be wondering how to let your guests walk around with Grizzly Bears in Frontier’s Planet Zoo. Okay, maybe not Bears, as that would DEFINITELY lower your guest’s happiness. However, you can allow your guests to walk around with their favorite furballs using a guest entrance gate in Planet Zoo.

Look at those donations flying in! Guests are much happier when they can be close to the animals. You can build paths within the enclosures, allowing your guests to walk around in awe at your wildlife.

When you’re building your habitat, you’ll want to make sure you leave enough room for a guest gate and a path. This is very important as if you don’t have a path leading out from the habitat, guests won’t be able to access it.

Planet Zoo Guest Entrance

Here you can see I’ve built a path from the habitat guest entrance gate. As I said, leave enough room for a decent-sized path when building the habitat guest entrance.

Build your habitat as normal, adding the guest entrance gate when you’ve finished. Guests will flock to the enclosure and marvel at being close to the animals.

Planet zoo guests tortoise

With this new discovery, I’ve been putting less glass on my habitats. I was finding that too much glass meant the guests would watch the animals from outside the habitat, rather than going in. Subsequently, they’d moan about the view (which gets really tiresome).

Now all your hard work can be put to good use! Guests LOVE being up close and personal to the animals. Technically you can do this with any habitat, but it’s worth considering whether you want your guests dead or alive.

I’d absolutely love to see your creations. You can build barriers within habitats around paths. You can build benches, donation boxes, even a shop if you wanted to. Comment with your steam link to your screenshots and share your inspiration!

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