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The Best Ways to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18

by Kegan Mooney
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How to find Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds are one of the rarest resources in Minecraft and as such, finding them isn’t as easy as it is with other resources. So how do you find diamonds and what are they used for?

Diamonds can be used to create some of the most powerful tools and armor in the game as well as other items that will greatly improve your game.

It’s very common for diamonds to only spawn with around 3 or 4 diamonds per vein, with each of the blocks only dropping one diamond per block, so make sure to use it wisely.

  • Depth: Y 15 and below
  • Tool: Iron pickaxe or better
  • Condensable: Yes

Since 1.18 the depths in which you find diamonds have now changed and while you can find them at Y15 and below, the deeper you dig, the higher the chances of finding diamonds are.

If you are not sure of your depth, in the java edition you can press F3 which will show you in-game information, including your current ground levels.

The amount of air in a mine will also have an impact on the chances of seeing diamonds too, for example, you are now much less likely to find diamonds in a deep open cave than you would by digging into a solid wall until you hit diamonds.

The Most Effective Way to Mine for Diamonds

I used to find that locating a deep cave or canyon was a great way of going deep and finding diamonds, but now, with air affecting the diamond spawns, there are better and more effective ways.

Dig down as deep as you can, a couple of blocks above bedrock is normally effective, just be careful as you dig down that you don’t fall into a cave below.

Once you have reached the correct depth, keep mining in a straight line, once you’ve gone in a line for some time, mine the block to one of your sides a few times and create a new strip, then go back on yourself.

This method of stip mining is most effective when you do it far from any caves or openings, and while it might not be the most fun way to mine, you should stumble across diamonds.


Before you find diamonds in Minecraft, it’s very important to look for some of the other resources first and make sure you have everything you need to venture and find diamonds.

There are tons of mods for Minecraft which will all also have other ores and resources that you can mine, depending on which mod you play will depend on the number of new resources to find.

Packs such as Feed the Beast (FTB) have tons of new ores and resources to find, which can take some time to master. If you are new to the game I highly recommend that you play un-modded Minecraft first.

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