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Predator Hunting Grounds Review

by Kegan Mooney

Coming from such an iconic movie background you would expect to be reading a shining Predator Hunting Grounds review, sadly it’s not the case.

I’ve held off on doing this review as I kept hoping something would change, a new update would make it better or simply I would somehow start finding it more enjoyable, that just never happened.

Video Credit: gameranx

As mentioned in the video above, many people seem to have thought that the game was a PS4 exclusive, but that’s not the case, it is also available from the Epic store.

The Predator:

One of the main reasons for giving the game such a low score is just how weak the Predator is, in the movies it’s Dutch and his team’s worst nightmare, but this isn’t the case in Predator Hunting Grounds, where the Predator is too weak.

It has some amazing sound effects really making it feel authentic, but the problem is stealth doesn’t really work, it’s way too easy to find him.

Once the Predator has been found, as long as the fire team sticks together, he is completely powerless to 4 people firing at him, making him a bit too easy to defeat.

The Fireteam:

This is the better way to play the game, there is much less time to play as a squad member and the gameplay is actually much more exciting.

You should feel like the prey when playing as the fireteam, however, I often felt that I was hunting the predator and didn’t feel worried about bumping into him.

The only time I felt vulnerable in the fireteam is when I have been in a squad that clearly don’t know what they are doing and can’t work as a team.


The game looks and sounds nice, I can’t deny that and it does often offer some of that 80’s nostalgia you would look for in a predator game, but for me, something is missing.

I couldn’t help but feel like everything wasn’t balanced as it should be and taking down a predator was just way to easy.

There should have been smarter ways to separate groups as the predator and use stealth to pick them off one by one.

If you like the Friday 13th game, you may like this one, but personally, I couldn’t see anything special in it at all, and did not in anyway think it was worth a AAA price tag.

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