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Mystery Match Village Review

by Georgie Peru

Mobile game developer Outplay Entertainment has launched Mystery Match Village, a successor to the popular Mystery Match game. Mystery Match was released way back in 2014, claiming over 5+ million downloads. It was dubbed as the first narrative-driven match-3 game. This has been built upon and refreshed in their latest hit mobile game.

This innovative puzzle game, available for iOS and Android, puts you in the shoes of private investigator Emma Fairfax. When returning to her hometown of Kingsfall, she finds a village of secrets she’s keen to solve.

Gameplay Features

Mystery Match Village is a narrative-driven puzzle gaming, taking the puzzle game genre to a new level. Whether you enjoy episodic games like Life is Strange or The Walking Dead, or puzzle games like The Room, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy Mystery Match Village.

Episodic Content

Every 8 weeks a new episode is released. Each episode in Mystery Match Village offers a unique case to solve, as well as new characters to meet, and new locations to discover.

Rather than diverging from the overall story, each episode provides a storyline that revolves around the overall plot and expands the gameplay in the village of Kingsfall.

Hidden Object Searches

Offering up storyline clues, players can get involved in hidden object searches. They’ll discover clues for crime scenes and receive helpful rewards for the completion of each search. For example, you’ll be asked to find a cat, a cake, and a safe. If you can locate all of the objects, you’ll earn rewards so that you can continue to progress.

I personally love hidden object search games, and even the first game as part of the tutorial caught me out. Could I find that cat anywhere? Nope! My 2-year-old could have probably done a better job than me. I blame tired eyes! On that point, this is a great game for all ages, offering different entertainment and learning aspects to each game mode.

Although you can replay scenes, hidden object searches become more challenging each time, along with master scenes that can unlock exclusive rewards. If they’re more challenging than the hidden cat, I’m doomed!

Match-3 Gameplay

This puzzle-type gameplay introduces over 400 levels and 40 unique mechanics. With the release of each episode, it’s excpected that 100 more levels will be added.

Match-3 gameplay allows you to earn stars so you can renovate and upgrade the village of Kingsfall with customized designs and visual changes. Every time you earn a star through Match-3, you can unlock more story-driven gameplay, like “meet the staff” to progress further with the story.

If you were as addicted to Candy Crush as I was all those years ago, prepare to be addicted to Mystery Match Village!

Village Makeover

If you want to get creative as well as enjoying a unique puzzle game, here’s what’s in store! While Kingsfall has clearly fallen into disrepair, it’s your job as the player to restore it to its former glory. And of course to honor Emma’s family.

Each episode focuses on a different location in the village, making it continously fun and engaging. You can customize each location with a variety of upgrades, making it look how you want. There will be premium decorations and seasonal themes introduced in July 2021.

Mystery Match Village Final Thoughts

While this creation from Outplay Entertainment may be “just a mobile game” to some, I found it positively endearing. The backstory and character involvement makes it feel like you’re really doing some good by solving mysteries and searching for clues, while enjoying every aspect at the same time.

With a variety of game modes to choose from in order to progress the story, there was never a moment where I felt bored or that I couldn’t progress.

Regardless of what genre of mobile games you enjoy, I’m sure that Mystery Match Village can offer something for everyone. On the App Store, the game is rated 12+, but I can honestly see a wide pool of age ranges enjoying the mysteries hidden in this mobile game.

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