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Drift 21 Review

by Kegan Mooney

In most modern-day racing games we expect some kind of drift mechanics, but for Drift 21 that is the sole purpose of the game, and while on paper that might seem mundane, there is actually a lot more to Drift 21 than meets the eye.

As with most racing games these days, you can customize your car in Drift 21, but the level of customization goes way beyond most other games, to the point that the game also becomes a car mechanic sim at the same time as it is a racing sim.

The level of detail in the customization really does allow players to add their own personal touch to the game, even allowing players to change items in the interior of their cars, such as the steering wheel.

Under the hood of a car in draft 21

Finetuning the engine will allow players to reach higher speeds and perform better maneuvers, even the smallest change to your car can have an enormous impact on your performance on the track.

If you’ve played any racing game where you are able to tune up your cars, you will be familiar with upgrading your engine, but I’ve never seen a racing game before with so much detail, in which players can literally build the engine piece by piece.

Drift 21 Realistic Racing Sim or Arcade Drifting?

Drift 21 has clearly gone for a realistic approach, which works very well, in fact when I first jumped into the game I was surprised that I had to manually shift gears (I probably should have done the tutorial).

While I do feel that really works well in this game, something felt a little off with the driving mechanics, it felt like the developers have aimed for ultra-realistic, but not quite nailed it yet, that being said Drift 21 is still actively being developed.

Drift 21 drifting game

When I first started playing Drift 21 I was blown away by the level of detail in the mechanical side of the game, literally building the car from the ground up was a whole new experience for me.

But when I go into the driving side of the game, this is where I felt let down, at the moment, there are not enough cars and tracks, and something just doesn’t feel right with the driving.


Drift 21 is a good racing game, with the potential to be great, but considering the game is still being worked on, I really do hold out hope for major improvements and content updates with each patch.

Since its most recent update, Drift 21 now also features a multiplayer mode too, meaning you can now burn rubber with a friend to see who is the quickest, most stylish drift racer on the circuit.

Drift 21 loading screen

If you’re a fan of both racing and car mechanic games, then Drift 21 is definitely the game for you, you can pick up a copy using the buy now button below from Steam.

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