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Youtubers Life 2 Review; Is Becoming a YouTuber as Fun as It Sounds?

by Kegan Mooney
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For some time now, Youtube has become a major part of our daily lives, no matter if that’s looking for game reviews, or catching a peek of an upcoming game, but now gamers can catch a peek of life as a premium content creator.

Straight away, some people will feel the need to avoid this game like the plague, just because they do not want to be associated with the Youtube culture, while others will be drawn to it.

Youtubers Life 2 Character Customization

As well as the obvious aspects of the game, making Youtube videos, the game also features a Sims like feeling too, with certain life sim aspects of the game evident straight away from the start, including the impressive character customizations.

Players are able to add detailed customizations, choose the character’s name, and of course choose their Youtube channel’s name, which I found actually took me as long as if I was creating a real Youtube channel.

So far, the game looks promising, there’s plenty of customization, I can build a Youtube channel, which unlike real life, might actually have a chance of success.

Making Youtube Life 2 Content

This is where the game trips over a little bit, having not played the first game, I didn’t really know what to expect, but when I started creating my first video, I must admit I was a little disappointed.

To create content, you simply choose an activity, such as playing a game, or making a Vlog, and choose a series of events and styles, which seems rather limited.

I was hoping for so much more than this, the ability to be able to actually place some fake game footage, if I was doing a game video, add some facial reactions, or some other strokes of personalization to the videos, yet this just isn’t present in Youtubers Life 2.

As you progress further into the game, you do get some more options though, such as the ability to add effects to the videos, which does give you some layer of customization, but it simply wasn’t enough to make the game enjoyable for me.

Youtubers Life 2 Gameplay

As I mentioned above, the game also has some life sim aspects to it, and these are far more enjoyable than the content creation side of the game.

Once you start gaining subscribers and earning some money, you have the ability to purchase new items and improve your house, some of the items can also be useful to your content career too.

Players are also able to walk around the open world of NewTube city, which is a nice touch, but again can become a little repetitive and boring before too long.

The game features an energy system, where each video you create uses energy, and must be replenished by either eating or sleeping, but it didn’t take me long to get fed up with this, as creating just one video takes up tons of energy because playing games is so tiring!

Youtubers Life 2 Review Summary

I’m not into following Youtubers, I’m not a massive fan of the culture that follows them, so in that respect, perhaps I’m a little biased, but there’s something about playing a game that revolves around being popular online that just doesn’t appeal to me.

That being said, I understand that it will for some people, be appealing, but even then, the content is too thin, the gameplay is too repetitive, and the entire game feels like such a missed opportunity.

In some respects, the game almost feels singular minded, the devs wanted to create a game about being popular, and that’s all they have achieved, although even with the already thin concept, this could have been pushed further, into something better.

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