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Worms W.M.D Allstars Review

My Worms WMD Allstars review has changed since I originally started writing it, at the start it felt slightly buggy and so very different to what I remember from the original all those years ago.

Truth be told I think my memory was fault more than the game, I found it difficult getting around, some of my worms was placed in very odd and frustrating places. But the more I thought about it, the more I remember that is exactly what it used to be like.

Tunneling to get out of a ridiculous spawn miles away from the action, and in a closed in cavern, or some such other weird location.

The game has however added vehicles, artillery, forts and weapons that are very cool, but can be somewhat a pain to navigate sometimes.

What’s included with Allstars:

The Allstars pack includes new guest star outfits from some of the best known games around, including.

  • Goat Simulator
  • BroForce
  • Saints Row IV
  • Orcs must die
  • Unturned
  • Payday 2
  • And more!

The pack also contains new weapons and missions.


As mentioned the game has gone back to it’s roots in many ways, but that doesn’t mean there are no changes to the game. We have already spoke about vehicles and weapons that are new, there are also now buildings.

The buildings act as shelter and can be entered, once entered the become slightly transparent showing you the inside of them, and often many layers with doors and windows to escape from.

You are not fully safe from within the buildings though, as there are many new weapons to help flush you out, including the new bunker buster. This will dig down into a house and explode, destroying a large radius from within the building. There is a limit to how deep they can go though.


The game has a lot of customisation options in it, which I think also may play a part in my early disliking of the game due to them having not saved correctly on a number of occasions.

The options allow you to customise the game play, increasing each players turn time as well as increasing the time of each round, even making the rounds have no time limit.

You can also remove fall damage, take out the vehicles and weapon crates, change percentages of each types of crates falling and much more.

Once you have found the perfect set of options, you are then able to save them and / or set them as your default settings, you can even make several presets so you can quickly change depending on the type of game you want to have.

Your Worms can also be customised, changing their outfits, voices, home forts, which they can battle upon and much more.

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While my Worms WMD Allstars review did start off bad, I have changed my opinion of the game which is very rare for me to do. It has brought back a tiered and tested game with over 20 installments and made it both true to the original while standing up against modern titles, and for that I applaud Team17 for their efforts on this... Just don't go and try to make a 3D version of this one!
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