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Worms Rumble Training Guide

by Kegan Mooney

Worms Rumble is the latest instalment of the Worms series from Team17 and while it’s title would make you think that it’s the same as any other Worms game, they have completely changed the format, which in some sense makes it feel more like a spin off game rather than a full Worms title.

When I first played Worms, I was excited to get straight into the action, but I decided to take the time to customize me worm, which I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of customization straight off the bat.

Worms rumble character creation
Worms Customization

Like most other Worms games, there is plenty of humor, so I got straight to work on making my slack jawed yokel looking worm.

Once done, I hit play thinking I was going to dive straight into the action, but sadly, it’s not the case, I was meet with training instead, although I’m glad I was, as the controls have changed a lot since the old turn-based days of Worms.

The Worms Rumble Training starts with some overly obvious controls, such as basic movements, but quickly starts to show you some of the new features, such as being able to jump from wall to wall, so if you are new to Rumble, it’s definitely worth doing the tutorial just once so you can get the hang of it.

Once you have gone through and done the tutorial you will get a screen on the first play through which will show you that you have completed the Worms Rumble training, but it keeps you on the map, allowing you to test some of the weapons.

If you are like me and are, well, a bit slow at times, you might just close that screen without paying attention and think there is more to do, well there isn’t just exit and then head on over back to the main menu.

Once you are at the main menu, you will see the training button in yellow, as pictured below, just click on that and it will let you change the game mode.

Worms Rumble training

Want to bypass the Worms Rumble training altogether? No problem, just click on the training button when you first login and move it to another game mode, next time you login to the game it will default it to whichever mode you last played.

Check out the quick video I created to show you the complete tutorial, if you’re keen to get straight in to game, just jump watch the first few seconds where the controls are shown, and you can skip straight to game after.

Now that you’ve mastered the Worms Rumble Training, get out there and start showing those Worms who’s the boss.

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