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Where to get an Xbox Series X|S and track stock levels

by Kegan Mooney
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With the release of both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S being so hyped and of course, so many people at home due to COVID with not much to do, it’s no surprise stocks are running out. But don’t worry, we are here to show you how to track Xbox Series X stock levels and get your hands on the brand new console.

How to get an Xbox Series X

While this method obviously will not guarantee that you get a console, it will definitely increase your chances.

Retailers likely to get stock:

Some retailers are doing better than others at getting their hands on stock, make sure to check these retail companies often to check availability.

Make sure to press control and F5 when checking stock levels as this will clear your cache for that page and ensure you are looking at correct data.

US Retailers:

UK Retailers:

Track Xbox Series X | S Stock:

Manually checking can be time consuming and might take more time from your busy schedule than you can afford to give, so take advantage of tools that will check the stock levels for you.

For US shoppers, check out which will notify you of several participating retailers should they get more stock.

You can actually set it to set off an alarm should any Xbox Series X or S consoles come up in stock on any of the selected retailers, allowing you to get on with work, or your day. will do the same job as but for customers in the UK.

Confirm your purchase

A word of warning, if you manage to make a purchase, make sure to call the retailer, as there have been lots of reports of people managing to make a purchase and finding out the company has sold out.

I myself managed to make a purchase today, I even paid for next day delivery as well as a premium to ensure that the console would arrive in the morning. When I called they said I would see my Xbox Series X “hopefully before Christmas”.

Just play it safe and check with them, in many cases, it’s simply issues with server loads on websites not handling the volume of traffic, so the stock data is getting delayed in updating, which then results in unfulfillable orders.

It’s an issue we unfortunately also see a lot during both Black Friday and even January sales.

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