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Where to Find Iron in New World

by Kegan Mooney
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One of the core aspects of New World is the game’s ability to craft, but with such a huge world, vastly filled with so many different resources it can be a nightmare to find one of the most basic crafting materials, iron.

Where to Find Iron in New World

Iron is mostly found around mountains and hills, while you can occasionally find it on lower ground, it is much more common on highlands.

The best way to spot good iron locations is to open your map and look for the darker areas, as you can see in the picture below.

There very dark areas are impassable mountains, and the slightly less dark areas are highland, these are the parts of the map you want to be looking at.

If you’re not sure which is which, thankfully the game also has a resource legend that will help you to identify which parts of the map are considered highlands.

Open your map and click on the legend, this will then open the window pictured below that will show you the types of areas on the map and the resrouces that can be found within those areas.

New world resource legend
New World Resource Locations Legend

Now that you know where to find iron, simply use the legend to help you identify where you need to go, place a marker and you will have iron in no time.

Well Known New World Iron Locations

If you don’t have time to look around the highlands to find iron, you could just head to one of the well known hotspots for iron veins in New World.

The Midnight Den

The Midnight Den can be located in Everfall and is only guarded by level 6 creatures, once they’ve been cleared out you will find iron within the cave.

There is often iron outside the cave in the surrounding area too, so make sure to have a good look around once the cave has been cleared. 

Midnight Den New World
Midnight Den New World Iron Location

Ancient Pass in Cutlass Keys

The ancient pass can be found directly south of the settlement in Cutlass Keys, once you get there, you will notice hills each side of it, they are often full of iron and one of the best iron farming spots on the map.

South of Elder's Bluff in First Light

South east of the settlement in First light and directly south of Elder’s Bluff is a series of highlands, these highlands are filled with iron and are another great spot to check on regularly.

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