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What’s New in Grounded Hot and Hazy’s New Biomes

by Kegan Mooney

Since its release, Grounded has now had a couple of updates that have added new features, creatures, weapons, and animals to the game. But with the Hot and Hazy update for Grounded, thankfully the garden just became a much bigger place to explore.

Grounded’s New Biomes and Explorables

This is one of the best things about the Grounded Hot and Hazy update. Having so many new areas to explore means those of us that might have stepped away from the game for a while, now have some new areas to explore.

Grounded hot and hazy update picnic bench

On your last visit to Grounded, you might have noticed the picnic bench that was cordoned off by tape. Well, this is now open and packed full of new things to explore.

As well as a huge picnic table, there is also a new trash heap and anthill to explore, both with their own hidden items to find too.

The Sandbox

The sandbox forms the hot part of Grounded’s Hot and Hazy update, as the sand-filled crab induces heat strokes for anyone that enters, without the correct gear.

Grounded sand box Hazy update

You can overcome the new heat effect by finding shade, but to be honest, you’re better off just looking for the right gear to survive.

As well as containing a brand new lab to explore, the sandbox also has buried treasures that can be unearthed by digging them up.

The Trash Heap

When you’re normal size, it’s just trash, but when you’re the size of an ant, trash can lead to a decent meal, as well as other treasures.

The trash heap is also home to the brand new black ants, who also use the trash as a source of food, you can find their anthill, right next to the trash heap.

The Haze Biome

The Haze isn’t new to Grounded but has had a huge overhaul to make it a much more interesting, yet deadly biome to explore.

The latest update also includes 3 new infected creatures that reside in the Haze, making the area much more deadly than it was before:

  • Ladybugs
  • Larvae
  • Gnats

While the infected versions of these creatures are more dangerous, they do now drop fungal growths as loot, which at least gives you a reason to tangle with them.

Grounded’s New Hot and Hazy Creatures

As well as the infected creatures listed above, the new Grounded update also offers 5 additional new bugs.

  • Black Worker Ants
  • Black Soldier Ants
  • Sickly Roly Polys
  • Antlions
  • Meaty Gnats

As well as two new biomes, new creatures, and tons of new landmarks to explore, the update also included milk molars, a new stat-boosting food, as well as set bonus items, and a new mini boss.

If you’re new to the survival game, Grounded, from Obsidian Entertainment, now is a great time to give it a try, and for those of you on the Xbox Game Pass, you play it for free.

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