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What Does Launching Valheim with Vulcan Do

by Kegan Mooney
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If you own Valheim, you might have noticed that there are two option to play Valheim, firstly the standard play button, but secondly, there is an option to plan Valheim using Vulcan, but what exactly is Vulcan and what does it do?

Vulcan is a 3D graphics API much like Direct X12 which you undoubtedly heard of. Vulcan has been designed by several technology giants such as Apple, Epic Games, Valve and Nvidea to name but a few.

Why use Valheim with Vulcan?

Vulcan has proven itself to be an efficient graphics API and has already got support for modern features such as ray tracing, but it has also been reported to have increased performance for many Valheim players who have tested the game using Vulcan.

From bench testing results, we have seen the average framerate increase from using Valheim, tested with a 4K ultra-wide monitor produced marginally better frames than running Valheim without Vulcan.

Whilst it might only be a marginal increase, any increase in performance is a welcomed increase, I’m not sure if it’s just coincidence, but personally I noticed during my tests my hardware ran a few degrees cooler while running with Vulcan.

If you are running slightly older hardware, Vulcan might make the difference between a smooth gameplay or a slightly choppy session.

Vulcan is also reported to help with several crashes that have been reported previously related to GPU drivers, so if this is an issue you have been affected by in the past, Vulcan might just be the thing to make your game work without crashing.

If you choose to launch the game with Vulcan, it won’t have any effect on being able to connect to friends servers, or rented servers, so there is no reason to not give it a go.

If you still haven’t tried yet, it’s definitely one to give a try, the hype over the past few months show for itself just how good the game is.

Valheim has so much to offer, with a great progression system, incredible boss fights and some of the most detailed building I have seen in a survival game to date.

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