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Watch Dogs Legion Play As Anyone

by Kegan Mooney
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Video Credit: IGN

With the Watch Dogs Legion release just around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the upcoming game’s new features, one, however above all really stood out ” Watch Dogs Legion Play As Anyone”.

Watch Dogs Legion Play As Anyone is a unique new concept that gives every member of the public in London a unique backstory.

This will make recruiting very interesting as each potential recruit in Watch Dogs Legion has their own skillsets, job, background and personality and can be personalized with their own custom outfits and masks.

So far it’s looking like Watch Dogs Legion will be one of Ubisoft’s most impressive titles since Assasins Creed Odyssesy.

Everyone is a potential recruit:

In most games, there are a select few interactable AI with everyone else just being in the background for effect, this isn’t the case in Watch Dogs Legion’s London set.

When they say everyone is a potential asset, they mean it. Just be careful who you choose, make your choices wisely, there are ex-spies, people with influence and connections and people with a very particular set of skills.

watch Dogs Legion new feature

There may also be people who have very particular set of skills just include frequenting the local bar and not much else, these may not be worth wasting your time on, unless of course they also happen to be a bare-knuckle boxing champion.

Form a skilled team:

Watch Dogs new feature means that you can build a unique team too, like metal gear solid games, get some MI5 agents and create a spy team.

Want to form a gang, look for some bruisers and make some noise!

Personally I will be looking to make a mixed group and plan to utilize each of their unique skills to advance myself further into the game.

Leveling up recruits:

Each recruit will have their own level and more importantly a unique skill tree that matches their skillsets.

The skillsets will range from techy sets such as robotics and hacking to outright assault and mele skills.

Having the ability to play as anyone is a great idea for keeping the game fresh, getting bored of going in guns blazing, but still enjoy the action, recruit a robotics engineer and start building killing machines for a new angle and tactics.

The most-watched city on the planet:

It is estimated that London has more than 630,000 cameras which potentially makes it the most-watched city in the world.

With police now using drones for traffic and crime incidents, amongst other new tech being used in the city, and this is of course only including the tech on public record, who knows what else is used.

Watch Dogs Legion’s play as anyone feature will only be made more interesting by the fact we are being thrown into one of the most-watched cities in the world.

Watch Dogs London

Will we need to be careful about what we are seen doing? Can we use this fact to our advantage, I imagine so, or at least hope so, I would love to see the London big brother state being an issue for us.

Having the biggest hacking game every created to date set in the largest net of CCTV and tech will make for some incredibly interesting gameplay, or at least that is what I am hoping for.

You will, of course, be able to use tech such as drones and other cool gadgets to give you the advantage against the common enemy.

Check out the Ubisoft website for more information on the new Watch Dogs Legion play as anyone feature.

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