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How to find and recruit a Hitman in Watch Dogs Legion

by Kegan Mooney
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We’ve already taken a look at how to find and recruit a spy, but what if we want to kick even more Albion ass, then it’s time to learn how to find and recruit a hitman in Watch Dogs Legion.

Find a hitman in the city

Similar to how you find the Spy in Watch Dogs Legion, you can also look around the city for a hitman.

The first place you want to look is in Westminster near Club Fantasy, when you find the club, look straight on at it, slightly to the left you will see an alley way, go down it and start to scan everyone you see there.

I have found I seem to have better results going there at night, but that doesn’t mean they don’t spawn there in the day, sadly I just haven’t found one in the day yet.

According to TechRaptor you can also find them in Brewer street too, however, I have not been lucky enough to find one there yet myself.

Get a hitman by making Nine Elms defiant

There are good points and bad about getting a Hitman in Watch Dogs Legion this way.

Good: It’s not too difficult and you are guaranteed you will get a hitman to join Dedsec.

Bad: If you get a hitman that doesn’t particularly look how you want them to, there isn’t much you can do about it as they are randomly generated. As you can see below, mine doesn’t look the most menacing, especially since I have her dancing next to some yoga loving downward dogs.

To make Nine Elms defiant you will need to complete 3 pretty easy minor missions, which will then unlock a final mission, giving you the hitman on completion.

Personally I would recommend trying to look for a hitman as it does mean you can get one you will be happy with in the long run, also if one dies, you know how to get a new one.

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