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Warpips Review The Unique Tug-of-War Game

by Kegan Mooney
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Warpips offers a unique take on the RTS genre, with a tug of war system, which can be both exhilarating and frustrating at the same time, but in a good way.

Having never heard of Warpips, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was asked to do a Warpips review, but I am glad I was asked because Warpips is a game I will be returning to over and over again.

How does Warpips work?

Instead of your average, build some buildings, deploy some troops and wipe out the enemy format, Warpips has been taken into a new direction from the conventional RTS, with players having to choose a loadout before going into battle.

Once you are in battle, you face short 10-20 minute fights, with command centers on each side of the map, you must destroy the enemies and make sure yours stays safe. 

Keeping the tide of the battle in your favor is harder than it seems, during my fights, so many times I was at the enemy command center, shooting it when suddenly a wave of enemies came and wiped me out, or an airstrike destroyed my command center, as I thought I was about to win.

This is where the tug of war mechanics comes into play, no matter how close you think you are to winning, this game has taught me the hard way, the tides of battle can change at any moment.

Build your own army

Each battle you win earns you more troops, missiles and other tools for your arsenal which you can use against the enemy, to push the tug of war battle into your court.

As well as unlocking a powerful roster of powerful vehicles you can also call airstrikes, missiles attacks and drone strikes.

There are also buildings you can place, which can help you win the battle, such as oil rigs to bring in regular cash, or barbed wire to slow or kill enemies.

Warpips is the ultimate strategy game, with quick short-lived battles, all of which are unique based on the enemy’s strengths and your loadout, I can’t get enough of it.

Upgrading your loadout

My biggest mistake was using all my assets in the first couple of fights, once you use them, they are gone, so start small and make sure to reserve better troops or weapons for harder fights.

You can unlock new assets, as well as being able to customize and upgrade your loadout, which you will need to do very early in the game to stand a chance.

The game rewards intelligent play, so using what resources you have wisely will mean the difference between winning or losing, I lost a lot of battles before realizing smart play isn’t my forte. 

Warpips Graphics & Audio

You might have noticed from the screenshots, the game is pixelated, while graphics are something that is very important to me, there are some games that can pull off pixelated graphics and be forgiven for it by its gameplay, Warpips is defiantly one of those games. 

The overall graphics are not bad at all, I assume the pixelation is on purpose, in some scenes the game actually looks really good.

The audio in Warpips reminds me of command & conquer it has the same upbeat style to it, which makes you want to just get stuck into the fight more.


Warpips has managed to capture the essence of older RTS games that I grew up on and pushed the genre into something new and exciting.

While I do like a game that requires no thought and can be chilled out too, it’s also nice on the other hand to get stuck into a strategic game that requires the player to really consider their actions when playing, in that, Warpips has managed to fill the void.

The developers have aimed for a truly unique experience and in that, they have completely succeeded and have created a tactical game that proves to be fun, tactical, and smart without becoming annoying.

Warpips is still in early access, but don’t let that fool you, the game in its current state is fully playable, without any bugs and issues.

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