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How to repair tools in Valheim

by Kegan Mooney
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Valheim is a difficult game to get to grips with, and has a very steep learning curve, while it might seem obvious to some, it took me some time to realise how to repair tools in Valheim.

So, I will get straight to the point, before you can repair any of your items, you will need to have a work bench and to make the work bench, you will need a hammer.

Crafting the Hammer in Valheim

Before doing anything you will need a hammer, to make the hammer you will need the following:

  • 3 Wood
  • 2 Stone

Now that you have your hammer, you will be able to see everything you can build, by equipping it and clicking for the building tab.

Building the Work Bench in Valheim

Building the Work Bench is really straight forward, you will need to chop some wood and make sure you have 10 wood and open the crafting menu with your hammer.

Choose where you want your Work Bench, you can rotate it by scrolling your mouse wheel, and place it down by clicking.

How to repair tools in Valheim

Now you’ve got your Work Bench, you are ready to get repairing your tools, to do this open up your Work Bench by approaching it and press E.

Inside your Work Bench you will see the hammer icon as pictured below, make sure you have the right amount of materials in your inventory and simply click the hammer button.

You will need to click the hammer for each item in your inventory, so if you are trying to conserve materials, make sure to store anything you don’t want repairing before doing this.

You can also upgrade and craft items from your Work Bench as well as it being a requirement to build items, so make sure when you plan to build a base, you have the workshop near where you plan to build, you can always pick it up again later.

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