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Valheim Cheats & Spawn Commands

by Kegan Mooney

Valheim swept the globe with its release at the start of the year, with the game-breaking Steam charts and providing players with a much-needed escape from a horrendous year. For those of you looking to advance quicker in the game, or just to enjoy a chilled, less grindy experience, there are both Valheim cheats and spawn commands.

Before using Valheim cheats, you will need to activate console commands, but you don’t do this in game, you will need to go to Steam and right click on Valheim, click on properties and add -console to the launch options, this will activate console commands allowing you to use the Valheim cheats in game.

How To Activate Valheim Cheats In Game

Now that you’ve enabled the console, you will want to head into the game and jump on your Valheim server or save. Press F5 when in-game and type devcommands once you have done this, all the cheat commands will now work.

Valheim Cheat List:

  • god Become invincible
  • ghost Become ignored by monsters & AI
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount]  Increase the desired skill level, you will need to do this for each skill you want to raise
  • resetskill [skill]  Reset specific skill, you will need to do this for each one you want to reset
  • resetcharacter  Start the entire character from fresh
  • heal  Restore your health completely
  • puke  Reset health and stamina
  • hair  Remove all your hair
  • beard  Remove your beard
  • model [1 or 2]  Swap between male or female character
  • dpsdebug  Show DPS counter, toggles on / off
  • players [nr]  Scales the difficulty depending on player numbers
  • freefly  Fly through the map with free camera
  • ffsmooth 1  Free camera smoothing
  • ffsmooth 0  Sets camera smoothing to default
  • save  Force the game to save
  • exploremap  Show the entire map
  • resetmap  Reset the map to default, removing any explored progress
  • pos  Show player coordinates
  • goto [x,y] Teleport to location Coordinates
  • location  Create a new spawn location
  • killall  Destroys all monsters in the area
  • tame  Tames all the creatures in the area
  • removedrops  Destroys all the dropped items in the vacinity
  • tod [Number]  Changes the time of day -1 to set default
  • skiptime [Number]  Skip time by set number of seconds
  • sleep  Skip to next day
  • event [name]  Start specified event
  • stopevent  Stop current event
  • randomevent  Begin a random event

Valheim Item Spawn Commands

To spawn in items in Valheim, you will need to use the following command, filling in the item, quantity and level of the required item: spawn [item] [quantity] [level]

Valheim Cheats and gameplay
Playing Valheim without cheats can be difficult when starting out

Using cheats in Valheim can completely change the game, especially for those just wanting to enjoy the more creative side of Valheim’s base building mechanics, allowing you to spawn in what you need to defeat monsters and get your Valheim base built.

Valheim Admin Commands & Server Management

As well as the commands to help you in-game, there is also more admin-focused commands too, which can help you to run your Valheim server more efficiently.

  • help Shows all available commands
  • kick [name/ip/userID]  Kicks specified user or IP
  • ban [name/ip/userID] Bans specified user or IP
  • unban [ip/userID] Unbans specified user or IP
  • banned Show all banned users and IP’s
  • ping Check the latency of the server
  • lodbias [number] Change draw distance between 1 to 5.

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