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Two Point Hospital is coming to console

I am insanely excited about this! I have played and loved Two Point Hospital on PC (which has 97% overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam).

Today I received word that Two Point Hospital is coming to console, yay!

two point hospital console

Two Point Hospital will be released on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The game will include two new expansions. If you have yet to enjoy this game, I can tell you now that it’s so worth buying.

Bringing back some classic nostalgic moments from the likes of Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital never fails to amaze me.

The two new expansions are namely Bigfoot and Pebberley Island. They will be completely free as part of the console release.

You’ll also get all of the updates that have been applied to the PC version of which Two Point Studios have worked mega hard on.

two point hospital update

When I first heard the news earlier on, my excitement was nipped in the bud when I thought about the controls. Most console ports of games feel like they lack something for me.

The controls never really feel like they’ve been thought about in much detail. Thankfully Two Point Studios are different!

The tingling feelings came flooding back when I read that they’ve built a new control system for the console version of Two Point Hospital from the ground up!

As part of the console versions all players will get to experience:

  • Free updates
  • Bigfoot and Pebberley Island DLC for free
  • 21 hospitals
  • 119 illnesses
  • Copy-paste room functionality
  • Tons of customisation

Two Point Hospital on ps4 and xbox one

Before they even founded the studio, Two Point Studios have wanted to make a console version of the game.

Thank god they didn’t release this information beforehand otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to keep my cool!

Since having a baby, it’s been way more difficult to sit down at the PC and enjoy a good gaming session.

So seeing one of my favourite games being released to console has blown me away.

If you head over to the Two Point blog, there’s some exciting blog posts that are going to be released over the coming days:

Wednesday July 24th: Why Two Point Hospital on console is our best version yet

Thursday July 25th: What’s included in the console version, and why?

Friday July 26th: Why we can’t wait for more people to play Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Bigfoot Expansion

Bigfoot brings a new wintery region to Two Point Hospital. The DLC offers up 3 new hospitals as well as 34 region specific illnesses.

For those of you that love new stuff, the expansion also includes plenty of new items. If you can’t wait for Bigfoot to arrive on console, you can see the PC trailer below.

Two Point Hospital Pebberley Island Expansion

Wiggy Silverbottom is on a mission to discover secrets of eternal life. You’ll venture through the tropics, expanding your medical frontiers.

If that all sounds like too much mystery for one day, check out the Pebberley Island PC trailer down below.

Thinking about getting Two Point Hospital? Take a look at our PC review here.

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