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Tropico 5 – What are High Schools useful for?

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High Schools in Tropico 5 are classed as education buildings. When you build most buildings in Tropico you’ll need to fill the available positions with educated workers.

A high school is useful for providing the uneducated citizens of Tropico with a high school degree. This means they can work in places like factories, policies stations, etc. High schools also provide grade school education to those who live near them (which is pretty handy to know).

Religious and Nationalists factions will have a high approval for you if you construct high schools (also good to know if you’re looking to please these groups).


In modern times you can upgrade the high school in Tropico 5. The cost is $4,500 to use more hands on teaching. This increasing the buildings effectiveness by 50.


This affects the rate of citizens graduating high school. The more effective the high school, the faster the uneducated citizens become educated (graduate).

If the effectiveness remains at 100 (default), the ‘normal’ 4 years of high school applies. However, effectiveness can also decrease, causing the graduation time to increase.

It’s actually possible to increase the graduation time to less than 1 year with certain conditions met. You’ll need to activate the following:

  • Interactive Education
  • Literacy Program
  • Free Market
  • Mentors

If you place high schools adjacent to enough museums, this can also boost the effectiveness.

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