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Tropico 6 DLC The Llama of Wall Street

by Kegan Mooney
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Tropico 6 DLC The Llama of Wall Street, focuses on the financial industry and banking, similar to the movie it’s clearly named after The Wolf Of Wall Street.

The Llama of Wall Street DLC allows you to manipulate the price of goods to a certain degree.

The Llama of Wall Street was the first of the Tropico DLC’s to be released, with the recently released Tropico 6 DLC: Lobbyistico being the latest at the time of writing.

The DLC as per all of them has been priced at $9.99 which some people are finding a bit expensive considering the DLC’s are very light on content. So far they all seem to follow a similar pattern; one new mechanic, 3 new buildings, a new map, and some customization for El-prez or the palace.

Although I do agree the content can be a little lacking, I must say the mechanics have mostly been well thought out and add intricate new interactions or features to the game, except Spitter, I’m not sure social media was really needed for Tropico.

The Llama of wallstreet

What comes with the DLC:

As mentioned above, there isn’t a huge amount of content contained in Tropico 6 DLC’s, personally I just love having the extra buildings which is why I find myself buying them every time regardless.

The list below outlines all the new features of Tropico 6 The Llama of Wall Street:

  • New mission: – The Llama of Wall Street
  • New Buildings: – Trade Institute, Toy Workshop and Smart Furniture Studio
  • Market pricing – The price of goods now fluctuate and can be forecast to play the market
  • Market challenges – random events can now occur causing a wide range of effects to the market
  • New sandbox map – Acantilado Humeante
  • Customization – New edicts, traits and customization for El-Prez and the palace have been added

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