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Tropico 6 DLC Lobbyistico

Tropico 6 Lobbyistico is the latest DLC from Kalypso Media for their hit city-builder Tropico 6. The latest expansion brings in new corruption mechanics, which can produce perks and boost Tropico’s economy.

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As with all of the Tropico 6 DLC’s you can expect a few new buildings, new soundtracks and new mechanics.

Tropico 6 Lobbyistico includes 3 new buildings:

  • El Presidente Club – A secret club to talk dirty politics
  • Corruption Agency – Don’t want to get caught doing dirty politics? Cover it up with the corruption agency
  • Official Residence – Invite political leaders to stay here in exchange for future favours

Lobbyistico DLC also includes two new traits: Polarizing and All For The Folk as well as 3 new music tracks and 4 new customization options.

There are also 3 new sandbox maps for players to enjoy too.

Tropico 6 Lobbyistico is unique in the fact that you can choose how to handle corruption, a feature which I’m personally really enjoying.

You can either use the new corruption agency to cover up any signs of corruption or try to fight the spread of corruption.

Lies, deceit, manipulation and corruption run rife in Tropico 6 Lobbyistico, it’s up to you to embrace it or hide it. Manipulate the other factions to increase your standing with them and make them your political puppets. 

Tropico 6 - Lobbyistico DLC Steam CD Key

Tropico 6 – Lobbyistico DLC Steam CD Key

What do the European Union and corruption have in common? Nothing of course, since the EU is as pure as a drop of the finest Tropican rum. So why not run a field study and get to know more about this curious political entity? And why not run it in Tropico, which is so famously governed by corrupt politicians (except for El Presidente, of course)? Join the EU in their investigations into ‘corruptionomics’ and unlock new powerful perks in ‘Lobbyistico’ for Tropico 6. Corruption lies at the hear…

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  1. Has anyone tried this DLC… Googled for reviews but all seems very mixed at the moment, not sure if it’s worth the price tag or not? $9.99 seems a bit steep, has anyone found it cheaper anywhere?

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