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Top 10 insane bad guys

by Kegan Mooney
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Over the years bad guys have developed from naughty men that liked kidnapping princesses to hardened psychopaths that run gun and drug rings, and like to do more than kidnapping the princess. This is our list of top 10 insane bad guys.

These are not in any form of order, in fact I would be very interested to hear where you guys would rank them within the top 10.

This list will show you our top ten most menacing, psychopathic and outright deranged bad guys:

  1. Vaas (Farcry 3): Until Farcry 3 came out the series wasn’t well known for having a single antagonist, however Vaas came along and changed that for good. As well as bringing us a antagonist that will be remembered for year to come. His insane ramblings and ability to change from calm to complete psychopath at any given time would be enough to scare anyone that stumbled across him.
Vaas Farcry 3 bad guy
Vaas: Farcry 3

2. Handsome Jack 2 (Borderdlands): The main antagonist of Borderlands 2 and potentially the most sarcastic antagonist of any game I have ever played. His constant contact to remind you of how dead you will soon be was so charismatic I enjoyed our little chats.

When Jack does finally fall, there are two endings to him, one of these endings will remove his mask and show his real face.

Handsome Jack: Borderlands 2
Handsome Jack: Borderlands 2

3. The Joker (Batman: Arkham Knight): The Joker isn’t known for his sanity, one of Batman’s most fierce enemies, toying with Batman whenever he can.

He craves total anarchy and has a complete disregard for any human life, meaning he has very few weakness for Batman to use against him, and frankly doesn’t give a S@!t about anything, that’s an enemy to be truly feared.

The Joker
The Joker: Batman Arkham Knight

4. Pagan Min (Farcry 4): Farcry 4 continued the saga of insane bad guys, with Pagen Min raising the bar to full blown mental!

Pagan has an almost charming personality that some how makes him even scarier. He is stylish, bordering on damn right cool! And full of one liners like ” You and I are gonna tear s**t up!”

best bad guys
Pagan Min: Farcry 4

5. Dutch van der Linde (Red Dead Redemption 2): And I’m about to get some hate mail for this one! But he does shoot a little old lady, doom a village of indians and much more in Red dead redemption 2.

Whilst many of the villains listed are well and truly psychopathic, Dutch is a different breed. The choices he makes are crazy, despicable and at times disturbing, but he and his people have bled, ran and driven him to lose his mind.

There are times I want to put my hand in the screen and slap some sense into him! He really does seem like a man who has been driven to the edge.

Dutch a bad guy
Dutch: Red dead redemption 2

6. Scott Shelby (Heavy Rain): Destroyed by his past Scott isn’t your typical psychopath, unlike the many driven by fear and anarchy Scott is driven by anger.

He is the angry boy pointing the magnifying glass at the ants. Except his magnifying glass is a terrifying series of tunnels filled with broken glass. He may not seem like your average psychopath, but don’t get him wrong, he is very twisted, and the efforts he will take to put innocent people in immense amounts of pain is a tribute to his twisted and broken mind.

Heavy Rain Game
Scott Shelby: Heavy Rain

7. Trevor Phillips (GTAV): Trevor is mostly insane due to abandonment issues he has faced, moving around as a child from one foster family to another and eventually into correctional facilities.

He is a proud man, problem is he is only proud of his crimes and will often go into a fit of rage that no one would want to be on the receiving end of.

Years of neglect and abandonment, as well as the city of Los Santos have made the perfect mold for a true psychopath in the form of Trevor Phillips.

Trevor Phillips: GTAV

8. Marcus Kane (Twisted Metal): Many people think his name is Sweet tooth, it’s not! That’s his ice cream truck. Marcus Kane aka Needles Kane is as far gone as they come.

Needles Kane has appeared on every Twisted Metal game to date and you can see his back story below.

Credit: MXVideos

9. Arthus (World Of Warcraft / Warcraft): Arthus aka the Lich king was once an honorable man destined to destroy the Lich and bring peace to Azaroth. Slowly loosing his sanity, and bringing massacre to his own people he quickly went from the hero of Azeroth to being known as ‘The Jailer of the damned”

He was eventually defeated by Bolvar Fordragon who himself became the Lich king to ensure the Scourge could no longer interfere with the people of Azeroth.

The Lich King
Arthus : Warcraft / WOW

10. Donald Trump ( Yes, I’m classing this as a game! Personally I have spent hours playing this one.

With famous quotes such as “Grab her by the meow meow” and the ability to press world destroying shinny red buttons Donald Trump is by far the scariest antagonist on the list. He once took an arrow to the knee and just shrugged it off.

If you don’t believe me click the link next to his name, use the trumpet and tell me that isn’t the scariest thing you’ve ever had to endure. Enough said.

Donald Trump: America /

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the list, who would you add to it? What order do you think ours should go in?

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