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The Warmaker’s Sanctuary

by Kegan Mooney
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The latest update for Conan Exiles is now out, known as update 36 – The Warmaker’s sanctuary.

The new Conan Exiles update includes an exciting new dungeon; The Warmaker’s sanctuary, this is meant for top level players wanting to face new heights of challenge. You will battle your way through Klael’s Stronghold and finally face the Warmaker’s champion.

conan exiles warmaker's sanctuary
New paintings from community members

Following a recent building update, you can now also hang these new paintings on your wall, featuring 9 of the contestants entries.

There have also been some location updates with Funcoms efforts to overhaul many areas within the game, including changes to the following locations:

  • The Mounds of the Dead
  • Bin-Yakin’s Seal 
  • Buccaneer’s Bay 
  • Executioner’s Entrance 
  • Hanuman’s Grotto 
  • Jhil’s Roost 
  • King’s Niche 
  • Lockstone Cave 
  • Scuttler’s Shortcut 
  • Sinner’s Refuge 
  • Skittering Cavern 
  • The Black Galleon 
  • The Den 
  • Xalthar’s Refuge

There has also been changes to the temperature system, including:

  • Temperature damages were changed from percentage of maximum health to a fixed amount 
  • Food and Drinks granting heating and/or chilling buffs now have tags to indicate what sort of buffs they grant 
  • Keeping a neutral body temperature (between cold and hot) now grants the Soothing health regeneration buff 
  • Temperature buffs no longer stack, but replace each other. Except for Water Cooling, which doesn’t replace, but stacks 
  • Temperature debuffs cannot override or be overriden by temperature buffs 
  • Drinking water provides a Water Cooling effect instead of Cooling Down 

Attribute changes:

Survival can now grant protection against negative effects such as, Bleeding, Poison, Crippple and Sunder. As well as granting extra armor points per agility stat.

Here is Funcoms full list of attribute changes:

  • Survival now gives a reduction of 1.2% per stat point to number of ticks from negative effects (bleeding, poison, cripple, sunder). Survival also affects debuffs from Heated Argument and Coldsnap and Frigid Bite 
  • Agility now grants 4 points of armor per stat point instead of 2. Also – the first perk from Agility grants more stamina reduction for sprinting than before. 
  • Accuracy 40 perk has been reworked. It no longer grants a modifier to a weapons armor penetration. Instead, it grants a flat +30% armor penetration to attacks, greatly increasing it’s power. 

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