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The Fortnite World Cup Millionaire:

Meet Kyle Giersdorf; The Fortnite World Cup Millionaire that just won 3 million dollars in the Fortnite world cup tournament.

Kyle Giersdorf from Pottsgrove, Pa

Many people have shown a huge amount of resentment towards Kyle since his recent win.

Thoughts on Kyle Giersdorf

Looking at other articles and news all I see is comments discrediting his parents. People have said his fame and fortune will be short lived, with others even saying he doesn’t have a long term future.

  1. Discrediting his parents: I’m a father of 3 and allow 2 of my children to play Fortnite. They are intelligent, respectful and as the great World Of Warcraft once said, “play in moderation”. In case you are wondering, I don’t let the third one play as he is 8 months old. He just helps me dribble on the controllers, but did somehow help me get a killing spree on COD the other day!
  2. His fame & fortune will be short lived: umm, why? Battle Royale games actually take extreme focus. There is no way this lad lacks focus or has no drive. His determination to win against an originally applied 40 million other players shows this.
  3. He Doesn’t have a long term future: Well he now has 3 million dollars he could invest into business or even into training to go into the gaming industry himself. He may already be lined up and educated for a top job, you don’t know the kid, don’t judge.

The comments mentioned above really bug me. Yes, letting kids play for extended periods of time is bad, I agree with that, but you don’t know his backstory.

After spending years in the gaming industry, I have met professional gamers who picked up gaming out of the blue, and were naturally talented.

Credit: The Fumble

Fortnite World Cup Competitors

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf wasn’t the only one to walk away from the tournament with a life changing amount of money.

Harrison “Psalm” Chang walked away from the competition with $1.8 Million.

“It’s great representing the old dudes: Experience and composure trump everything,”

Harrison “Psalm” Chang

He also commented about being one of the eldest competitors within the Fortnite World Cup.

Fortnite is a young man’s game, though.

Harrison “Psalm” Chang

A young mans game or not, Harrision, the former Heroes of the Storm competitor has proven age doesn’t always matter.

The Fortnite World Cup also featured singles, duos and other competitions. Each of them seeing many go home with 6 digit figures. Damn, why am I not good enough for this!

Fortnite World Cup Payouts

For those of you thinking why so much money? The gaming industry is one of the largest industries in the world, and has been for some time now.

In fact statistics show that the gaming industry is bigger than the movie and music industry combined.

Fortnite World Cup Millionaire

It’s been reported that Epic games made $2.4 Billion last year alone, and that’s just from the Battle Royale version of the game. There are also sales from Save the World, the PVE version of the game, to factor in too.

As mentioned in a previous article many people have slammed the game for being too addictive, Prince Harry being one of them.

Are Games Too Addictive?

I agree, many games are designed to be addictive, however there are more important things to be worrying about when looking at addiction.

Computer games can be managed, it’s easy to tell your kids to drop the game and go enjoy the day with their friends, it’s called good parenting.

If my kids came home smelling of smoke or alcohol, this would be a whole different story. In moderation, games can be harmless, moreover they can also inspire creativity.

There is the potential for good within them. I have seen Minecraft classes at school used to help kids with special needs to be creative, bond with other children and used as a force of good.

I reiterate, before my own slamming, this, as with many things in life should be in moderation. Obviously if your child is screaming at their TV, shouting at siblings and playing till the AM, don’t just moan about it, take their PC or console off them! It’s YOUR job to teach your kids not to be addicted to games, and play in moderation, and as hard as it seems, it can be done.

Another way to look at this is this, many kids want to be a professional football player, and will train for most of the day everyday.

Is this wrong, would it be bad parenting to stop them? No, not if it’s effecting their health. In my opinion, e-sports is no different. If your children aspire to become a pro then it’s your job to support them. However, make sure you care for their safety and health (no different to any other sport).

Interesting Fortnite Statistics:

Here are some interesting Fortnite statistics for you to indulge. Whether you think Fortnite is a good or a bad thing, these should keep you busy for a few moments:

Another fun fact for you! Us Brits are more addicted to curry and a pint than the percentage in the UK addicted to Fortnite. Personally I would go for a curry and a pint, whilst playing Fortnite.

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts on Fortnite? Do you think there should there be a Fortnite World Cup? I wonder if we’re now too addicted to games because there are world cups. Perhaps this is just because we’re finally recognising the industry for what it can do for people.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments, we would love to hear them.

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