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The Best Classes In Elden Ring For New & Veteran Players

by Kegan Mooney

After a long wait, Elden Ring is now out, and much like Demon Souls there is an overwhelming choice of classes to pick from, but which one is right for the newer players and which Elden Ring class is better for veteran players?

In total there are 10 classes to choose from in Elden Ring, each of them with its own unique abilities and stats, and some better for new players than others.

The Best Elden Ring Class For New Players

The Vagabond is one of the best classes for players who are not only new to Elden Ring but also games like Elden Ring, such as Demon Souls. The Vagabond’s starting fortitude is one of the main features that makes it a great starting class, allowing players to take more of a beating, making an otherwise unforgiving game, a little more manageable, whilst learning the ropes.

The Vagabond starts off with a sword and shield, as is primarily centered around a mele playstyle, but later in the game, players are able to push the Vagabond towards magic, if they choose.

If you are not keen on starting with the Vagabond class, an alternative Elden Ring beginners class is the Samurai, which starts the game with both a katana and a bow, allowing them to take on enemies in both close combat, and at a ranged distance.

The Best Elden Ring Class For Veteran Players

For those of you that feel you need more of a challenge, the Wretch is a perfect class, firstly it offers no basic equipment when you start the game, only a club, no armor, and nothing to keep you protected.

As well as being woefully underequipped at the start of the game, the Wretch also starts at level one, essentially making it a blank slate for you to progress however you see fit, meaning you can adjust all of your character’s stats to perfectly match your playstyle.

There are two main benefits to playing as the Wretch class in Elden Ring, firstly, if you like playing games at a higher difficulty, the Wretch class is comparable to setting the difficulty to ludicrous, secondly, the Wretch class acts like a customizable class, allowing you to essentially build your own one.


In total there are ten classes, so make sure to take your time and test them all out, due to Elden Ring’s complex stats system, each class has its own unique pros and cons, and while we can suggest some of the best classes in our experience, it doesn’t mean you will enjoy them as much as we have.

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