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The Best Cities Skylines Mods 2021

by Kegan Mooney
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Have you ever played Cities Skylines and wished the traffic moved a bit smarter, or there were extra features and buildings to add that extra touch of realism into your city? Well, you can with the right mods, we’ve been playing the past few weeks and have tested out some of the best Cities Skylines mods for you, to bring you our detailed mods list.

Cities Skylines is one of the most popular city builders available on the gaming market today. For those of you who loved Sim City way back in the day, Cities Skylines feels like a revamped and enhanced version of one of the most loved city building games of our lifetime

While the base game of Cities Skylines is downright awesome, there is also a huge market of mods that can enhance the overall experience.

1. 81 Tiles

Best Skylines mods

81 Tiles is undoubtedly one of the best Cities Skylines mod around. It expands the base game’s map tiles from 25 to 81. This is one of the most basic mods but one that you shouldn’t build without.

If you love playing Cities Skylines and find yourself running out of room, 81 Tiles allows you to expand up to 81 tiles, allowing you to build in any direction from the offset. Let your creative mind explode while you build mega cities and long-term builds on any map that’s available in the base game or DLCs. This includes the latest Sunset Harbor Cities Skylines DLC.

2. Bulldoze It!

Bulldoze it! makes its way onto the best Cities Skylines mod list for 2021 with ease, anything that takes away mundane tasks, such as scouring my city looking for abandoned building deserves to be here.

Created by Steam user Keallu, Bulldoze It! mod saves you a lot of time and effort. In big cities, it’s not uncommon for buildings to burn down or become abandoned. While you’re trying to manage your city, residents, industries, and more, Bulldoze It! does the hard work for you.

Abandon buildings can be hard to spot, especially in a built-up city. They also take up valuable space and can be a pain to remove individually. Now you won’t have to manually destroy them yourself, so you can focus your time on other important issues.

3. More Beautification

Cities Skylines mods

If you’re on the search for new aesthetics to make your growing Cities Skylines city even better, More Beautification adds over 65,000 props for you to use.

You can find these props via the in-game menu, allowing you to add them to your city simply and quickly. You can pick which prop you want to use and install it on your chosen map. For the creative city builders out there, this is a must-have mod, available from BloodyPenguin on Steam.

For me, the sheer number of new props on this mod, makes it an easy choice for the best Cities Skyline mods for 2021 list, in fact, there are so many props, even after months of playing I’ve barely scratched the surface of what can go into my city now.

4. Electric Roads

Skylines Mods

There’s nothing more frustrating that building an awesome road layout connecting your city than having to drag power poles across your streets and industries.

Electric Roads may sound futuristic, but it simply turns each of your roads into an electric conductor. This means you won’t have to place power poles across your roads, making more room to build, expand, and make your city look fantastic.

This Cities Skylines mod is now available for Sunset Harbor and doesn’t require any other mods for it to work.

5. Canal Blocks

Best Cities Skylines mods

If you’re playing the base game of Cities Skylines, you may feel frustrated by building canals. There’s no doubt, they are a pain, and you’ll have to plan ahead and restart your map repeatedly to get it right.

The Canal Blocks mod creates modular canal blocks in multiple shapes and sizes for you to place wherever you want a canal in your city. You won’t have to put any time into terraforming as you can install the blocks wherever you like, and it doesn’t have to be flat land.


TM:PE or Traffic Management: President Edition is an advanced traffic management mod, with tons of features to make your roads less congested and safer for your cims.

The mod allows you to pick and choose which of its many settings you want to make use of, allowing you to have the traffic flow exactly how you want it.

7. Achieve It!

Whilst this one is a very basic mod, if you are like me and love collecting achievements, it is an essential mod.

For some reason the developers took away the ability to earn achievements when playing with any mods, so by adding Achieve it! you open up the ability to earn achievements, even with mods enabled.

You might need to go into the games settings and find the mod settings to enable it before you will start seeing the achievements.


There are of course thousands more mods out there on the Steam workshop, and many of them that complement each other, so don’t just stick to the ones on the list here, get out there and test them.

If you know of a Cities Skyline mod that deserves to be on the “best Cities Skylines Mods 2021” list, why not get in touch and let us know.

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