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Tropico 5: All DLCs (Xbox & PS4)

by Kegan Mooney
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Tropico 5 complete collection:

Tropico 5 has seen 10 DLCs released since it’s base game release back in May 2014. Thankfully these are all included in the complete collection and work so flawlessly you would think they were part of the base game.

Since the release of Tropico 6 you can now find many of these DLC’s at a very reasonable price too.


  • Tropico 5: The Big Cheese – The Big Cheese introduces the creamery and lets players put their goats and llamas to good use. The pack also includes a new scenario that challenges El Presidente to create the best cheese in the world.
  • Tropico 5: Mad World – This adds a new scenario called madness as well as a new map, St. Dimpna and a new music track. You may also wear the serious looking funnel hat and access to a new building, the Asylum, a health care building providing minimal health care and reducing the effects of discrediting.
Tropico 5 complete collection
  • Tropico 5: Generalissimo – Adds a new standalone scenario ‘Genralissimo’ where players must use both propaganda and show their military might to fend off invasions from foreign powers. A new Defense HQ building adding elite commando squads, the general hat for El Presidente to show his military finesse, and a new sandbox map ‘Madre de Dios’ as well as a new music track.
  • Tropico 5: Joint Venture – A tasty little addition adding a new fast food joint that provides entertainment to citizens and tourists alike. A new scenario ‘Joint Venture’ as well as a new music track and sandbox map ‘Punta de Refugio’ and the awesome hair-do shown below.
Purchase Joint Venture
  • Tropico 5: Surfs Up! – Adds a new scenario where the aim is to save dolphins, a new dolphinarium building to provide entertainment to tourists on the island, a diving mask for the Presidente as well as the new sandbox map ‘Qualichi’
  • Tropico 5: Gone green – Includes a new scenario “Catch the toucan”, a new green energy source, the wind farm, and a hippie haircut that should never be seen on a dictator! New voice recordings and music and finally a new map ‘Isabella’, complete the add-on
  • Tropico 5: Super Villain – Ditch the known title of the dictator and become the worlds most famous super villain! Includes a new scenario ‘Supervillain’, the building no supervillain can be without ‘The giant laser’, a villainous moustache for Presidente, as well as new music tracks and a new sandbox map ‘Isla del Pescado’
  • Tropico 5: Inquisition – New standalone scenario: ‘Tropican Redemption’ – Banish the cultists from your island and lift Tropico from its curse. The new Inquisition building makes spying and discovering roles easier than ever before! A new Inquisitor’s hat for El Presidente and a new sandbox map ‘Isla del Ray’ as well as a new music track.
  • Tropico 5: Supercomputer – Use the new supercomputer to do super important tasks, like play chess with the Russian government. New standalone scenario ‘Supercomputer’ as well as a supercomputer building that generates research points faster than anything else in the game. Also adds a new music track and the ‘Cobao’ map.
  • Tropico 5: T-Day – Shoot the greatest movie of all time with the T-Day scenario. Build a fortress to defend your island. Don the great war helmet, and finally play the new map ‘Becouya’
Tropico DLC Tday


Tropico 5: Espionage – The DLCs add new campaigns as well as new buildings and features and generally have a lot more in them than the addons.

Espionage includes the following:

  • New campaign and thrilling story spanning 6 challenging missions
  • 9 new spy and military themed buildings
  • 4 new island maps (also available for sandbox games) – e.g. ‘Dos Torres’, ‘Grito Grande’
  • 4 new music tracks
  • 4 new avatar costumes – e.g. ‘Evening Gown’ (female), ‘Tuxedo’ (male)
  • 6 new avatar accessories – e.g. ‘Spy’ (hat), ‘Long Curls’ (hair)
  • New sandbox tasks and events to go with the new ‘espionage’ setting

Tropico 5: Waterborne Waterborne sees the Tropican’s take to the sea expanding the buildings out to the ocean with floating apartments, glass bottom restaurants, offshore offices and much more.

Waterborne includes the following:

  • New campaign and story spanning 6 challenging missions
  • 9 new off-shore buildings and marine vehicles
  • 4 new island maps (also available for sandbox games)
  • 4 new music tracks
  • 2 new avatar costumes
  • 6 new avatar accessories
  • New sandbox tasks and events to go with the waterborne setting

Tropico 6:

Since we originally created this post, Tropico 6 has now been released, adding a multitude of new features and improved graphics by running on the Unreal engine.

As well as the new features and improved graphics in Tropico 6, there are also some of the older features that fans loved that have been brought back into the game.

Tropico 6 has several new DLC’s to further increase the buildings, features and fun Tropico brings.

Tropico 6 DLC:

If you are considering Tropico 6, why not take a look at some of the new DLC that has come out with it.

Check out the links about to see what you can expect from the DLC’s.


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