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Ark Genesis 2 How to Tame a Voidwyrm

by Georgie Peru
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Now that we know how to farm Mutagen and Mutagel in Ark Genesis 2, it’s time to find out how we can use it. In Ark Genesis 2 you can use Mutagen to tame a Voidwyrm.

Which Weapon is Best to Tame a Voidwyrm?

In order to tame a Voidwyrm in Ark Genesis 2, you’ll need to get its health down low to a certain point. To do this, you’ll need to select the best weapon for the job.

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  • Longneck Rifle: These can only shoot one bullet at a time, and doesn’t inflict much damage
  • Railgun: Not a great choice as the range is poor, requiring you to get too close before inflicting any damage
  • Rocket Launcher: By the time the seeker missile has locked on, the Voidwyrm will be too close to you
  • Crossbow: Using fire arrows, the crossbow inflicts a decent amount of damage
  • Compound Bow: With metal arrows, you’ll be able to do a fair amount of damage with high accuracy
  • Pump Action Shotgun: Able to deal quite a lot of damage quickly before the Voidwyrm gets to you
  • Assault Rifle: You’ll need a lot of ammo, but it’s fast at reloading and has a decent range
  • Tek Rifle: Similar to the Assault Rifle, but deals a lot more damage

Equipment You’ll Need to Tame a Voidwyrm

For the best chance to tame a Voidwyrm, you’ll need to make sure you’re equipped with the right armor and weapons.

Although some of the weapons I mentioned above will be suitable for taming, my recommended choice of weapons is the Fabricated Sniper Rifle. It may be worth taking a spare Rifle just in case.

tame a voidwyrm inventory

I’d suggest stocking up on around 200 bullets just to be safe.

If you have one, equip a Riot Shield to prevent the Voidwyrm from biting you, and a Medical Brew if you take any damage.

The main item you’ll need to remember before taming a Voidwyrm is Mutagen. Mutagen is what you’ll need to feed and tame the Voidwyrm, so make sure you have this equipped in your last slot.

Best Method to Tame a Voidwyrm

voidwyrm location ark genesis 2

Voidwyrms tend to be flying around the side of the walls. Once you locate one, look down the sight of the Sniper Rifle and get a few shots off on it.

tame voidwyrm

This will get its attention and direct its aggro onto you. Once the Voidwyrm starts getting closer, you’ll need to fly away.

If you’re using PC controls, press Shift + CTRL and go in the opposite direction of the Voidwyrm. This method is faster than the Voidwyrm can travel.

Repeat this process to tame a Voidwyrm, flying away for around 5 seconds each time. If you fly out of aggro range, just keep your eye on it and fly back to it.

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To tame a Voidwyrm in Ark Genesis 2 you’ll need to knock its health down to around 10%. If you’re on an Ark server that has the Super Spyglass mod, it will be much easier to detect when the health is low enough.

How Can you Tell How Low Voidwyrm Health Is?

If you don’t have access to the Super Spyglass mod, you can still tell how low the Voidwyrm’s health is. When the Voidwyrm will let out a roar, hover where it is, and emit blue light.

voidwyrm blue light

Once you see the blue light and hear the roar, you know the Voidwyrm is ready to be tamed. I would recommend getting one more shot in just to be safe as its health will increase over time.

Tame a Voidwyrm Using Mutagen

The next part is the hardest part as you’ll need to get close enough to the Voidwyrm without it killing you. I recommend speed flying past it and trying to get slightly underneath it.

It will try and attack, as well as bite you. Use your Riot Shield to protect against its bite attack.

When the opportunity arises, move in and press E to mount it. Make sure you have the Mutagen in the end slot of your hot bar.

how to tame a voidwyrm

You will need to press E every time the Voidwyrm does a Barrel Roll to feed it Mutagen and tame the Voidwyrm.

Try not to focus on when the Voidwyrm looks like it’s doing a Barrel Roll. Instead, keep your eye on the text where it says “[E] During Barrel Roll To Tame”. When the text turns white, it’s an indication you need to press E quickly.

If you accidentally press E (or the relevant key on your console) when the Voidwyrm isn’t ready to be tamed, you’ll be dismounted. If this happens, fly close to it again and repeat the process.

name your voidwyrm

You can see the Voidwyrm taming percentage in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, along with the effectiveness.

Once you reach 100%, you have tamed a Voidwyrm! Well done, see it wasn’t that difficult was it?

How to Use a Voidwyrm (Voidwrym Controls)

how to pick up on voidwyrm

Now that you have completed taming your Voidwyrm, you can start playing with the Voidwyrm controls. Let’s take a look at the controls for the Voidwyrm in Ark Genesis 2 on PC and console.

voidwyrm electric attack

Voidwyrm PC Controls

  • E: Mount/Dismount
  • Mouse: Move dino and camera
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Right-click: Electric attack
  • Left-click: Bite attack
  • C: Pick up and drop creatures
  • C: When near a tree you can harvest Thatch and Wood

Voidwyrm PS4 & PS5 Controls

  • Triangle: Mount/Dismount
  • Left/Right Stick: Move dino and camera
  • X: Take off and land
  • L3: Sprint
  • R3: Wing flap (harvest Thatch and Wood)
  • R2: Bite attack
  • Press & Hold L2: Breath attack (electric attack)

Voidwyrm Xbox & Xbox Series X|S Controls

  • Y: Mount/Dismount
  • Left/Right Stick: Move dino and camera
  • A: Take off and land
  • Press Left Stick: Sprint
  • Press Right Stick: Wing flap (harvest Thatch and Wood)
  • RT: Bite attack
  • Press & Hold LT: Breath attack (electric attack)

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