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Farcry 5 cult family

Farcry 5 Review

When Farcry 5 was first announced I was more excited than I had been with other Farcry titles. I’ve even played through the game a couple of times before doing the Farcry 5 review. The game̵...[Read More]

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Delayed Till 2020

Doom Eternal which was set for release on November 22 2019 has now been delayed. The new Doom Eternal release date delays the game till next year. For now we will need to settle with Doom Eternal game...[Read More]

Fortnite world cup

The Fortnite World Cup Millionaire:

Meet Kyle Giersdorf; The Fortnite World Cup Millionaire that just won 3 million dollars in the Fortnite world cup tournament. Many people have shown a huge amount of resentment towards Kyle since his ...[Read More]

Overwatch New Hero

The Overwatch new hero is stirring up some mixed feedback, with many thinking he is too OP. Often Overwatch new characters end up being the center of gaming news. Sigma is considered a mad scientist, ...[Read More]



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