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xbox 360 backwards compatibility

Xbox one backwards compatibility games (Xbox 360)

  Current xbox one backwards compatibility games: xbox one backwards compatibility games are now much more common than you think! Although it’s a great feeling getting a brand new console when i...[Read More]

RDR2 Bugs

Can bugs & glitches make a game even better?

With many games being released early these days, it’s extremely common that most of us will run into game bugs and glitches, these can be pretty frustrating at times. However we have decided to ...[Read More]

xbox 360 news

Full list of Xbox One 4K HDR Games

Full list of Xbox One 4k HDR Games: Numbers8 To Glory: The Official Game of the PBR (4K, HDR)11-11 Memories Retold AA Way OutAaero (4K)Absolver (4K)Achtung! Cthulu Tactics (4K)ADIOS Amigos (4K)Afterch...[Read More]

assasins creed best moments

Assasins Creed Odyssey: Most entertaining moments

Video Credit: Dan Allen Gaming

tropico 5 news

Tropico 5 – What are High Schools useful for?

High Schools in Tropico 5 are classed as education buildings. When you build most buildings in Tropico you’ll need to fill the available positions with educated workers. A high school is useful ...[Read More]

All choices and endings Detroit Become Human

All choices & endings: Detroit Become Human

*Contains Spoilers* As discussed on our other post Detroit Become Human uses the butterfly effect as the basis of it’s game. As such it has multiple endings that are caused or effected by your a...[Read More]

red dead map

red dead redemption 2: Jack Hall Gang Treasure

Red dead redemption 2 is possibly one of the most exciting games I have ever played, with an ever expanding range of content. One of the most frustrating things to do in the game is finding the treasu...[Read More]

Xbox original backwards compatibility

Xbox original backwards compatibility games

Xbox original backwards compatibility is getting harder as TV’s adapt to modern technology, the same is said for other consoles as we move on to new screen resolutions and cables. Thankfully new...[Read More]

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