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Subnautica Below Zero & Free Subnautica Upgrade

by Kegan Mooney

Unknown Worlds have had a busy week, with the recently released Subnautica Below Zero Trailer followed by the games launch on console as well as a free update for Subnautica too.

Subnautica Below Zero is the sequel to 2018’s very well-received game Subnautica, the sequel takes place a year after the original game, with protagonist Robin crash landing on an alien planet, trying to uncover the truth about her sister.

The original Subnautica was an incredible game with a very unique, underwater adventure gameplay, which was unlike anything I had ever played before, so it’s safe to say I’m excited to see how the developers have pushed this idea to the next level.

Where to buy Subnautica Below Zero

No matter how you like to play game, be that on your desktop computer, the comfort of your sofa or even when out and about on your Nintendo Switch, Subnautica Below Zero is available on all platforms.

If you haven’t played the original game yet I strongly recommend playing it first before moving onto the next chapter of Subnautica.

Subnautica Free Upgrade

There was also more great news from Unknown Worlds Entertainment, with owners of Sony’s PS5 also getting an upgrade to the PS5 version of the original Subnautica game.

With the new upgraded version of the game, players can expect graphics improvements as well as some use of the new features of the PS5 Dualsense controller, offering players a much more experience while exploring the alien waters and dodging massive leviathans.

No matter if you are a veteran Subnautica player, or just jumping into the game for the first time, now is the perfect time to jump on board and see what the games have to offer.

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