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Star Wars Squadrons Campaign Review

by Kegan Mooney

My childhood massively consisted of playing Magic Carpet and Tie Fighter so when I found out there would be another game similar to Tie Fighter you can imagine my excitement.

I tested Star Wars Squadrons on a Xbox Series X and PC so I could test it’s performance on both console and PC I was blown away by the handling of the game on both.

Even though I was excited for my Star Wars Squadrons Review, I was also a bit nervous before playing it, there is nothing worse than getting excited to play a game due to nostalgia to find out that it’s just ruined the series.

Star Wars Squadrons is an exception, almost straight away I could tell how well the game had been made, instantly excited to get deeper into the action and relive some of the iconic battles from the movie saga.

One of the things I love about Star Wars Squadrons is that you get to play both sides, unlike tie fighter, where you just play as a pilot for the Empire.

The campaign focuses on both sides of the story, looking at the perspective of both the Empire and the New Republic, which gives it a great and well balanced story.

Right near the start you see the Empires decisions causing it’s own captains to rethink their moral compasses, which I personally felt was a great idea, making the Empire a bit more human.

Another great aspect of the game is attention to detail, when jumping into the cockpit you can see your weapon stats, thrusters every little detail as also reflected in your HUD. You can also look around as if you was actually in the cockpit yourself, I can only imagine how cool that would be on VR.

Speaking of VR the game does actually have full VR support, you can see just how amazing it looks in the video below.

Video Credit: Adam Savage’s Tested

The level of detail in the game is incredible, so viewing this in VR and physically being able to look around at all that detail is something that I can only imagine would be incredible.

Graphically the game is stunning too, not only does the level of detail build that authentic vibe, but the visual effects whilst you are flying through space really help to increase the wow factor of this game.

The games controls are relatively simple and quick to pick up, which makes becoming a pro pilot very easy and enjoyable, with very little effort needed.

The game spans around 7 to 8 hours depending on the players skill level, but it’s defiantly enough to warrant the very reasonable price tag on this game.


My Star Wars Squadrons Campaign Review has restored my faith in flying games, I know there are some big ones already out there, but there not always my thing, it’s almost impossible to not get thrills from playing this game.

Considering I have seen other games come out this year with much less impressive campaigns and mundane multiplayers at a much more AAA price, for once I’m privileged to be able to say I’m actually impressed by a EA title and it’s price.

If you are looking for a review on the multiplayer side of the game, I will be bringing one out separately and will update this article with a link once it has been completed. But before I do I would like more hours on it to ensure it’s a fully accurate review.

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