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How to Get More Animals in Settlement Survival

by Georgie Peru

Getting more animals in Settlement Survival can be essential in order to maintain your citizen’s food levels, happiness, and clothing. However, finding more animals can be tricky business, and even more so frustrating when you can see Buffalo and Alpaca roaming your settlement but you’re unable to place them in your pastures.

To help you succeed in Settlement Survival, we’ve got some tips and tricks in order to boost the number of animals you have in your pastures.

Once you have found a new animal, you can breed them, slaughter them, or sell them to make a tidy profit.

1. Order Animals in Settlement Survival via The Ferry

This method of getting more animals in Settlement Survival is by far the quickest, however, it is also expensive. In most cases, you won’t have enough silver coins to be able to purchase animals and ship them in, especially at the start of the game.

However, if you do have enough silver to buy animals, you can click on the Ferry > Order > Animals.

Here you can see the animals available to purchase, but, as I said, they’re expensive, with sheep costing 22,502 silver coins.

2. Search Your Island for More Animals

After you’ve generated your map’s seed in Settlement Survival, it’s worth placing your town hall down somewhere close to any animals you can see.

Similarly, if you want to find Flax seeds early on, consider a spot that’s near to plants and animals to increase your chances of discovering new animals and seeds in the game.

3. Check to See What Animals You Have

Before searching for new animals in Settlement Survival, it’s worth checking out what you’ve already got.

To do this, simply click the Statistics tab in the top-left corner of your screen, denoted by the graph icon. From here, select Seeds and Livestock to get an overview of the crops, animals, and blueprints you have.

4. Use the Hunter’s Hut to Find More Animals in Settlement Survival

The Hunter’s Hut is your key to finding more animals quickly. Hunters will go out and gather food and materials from the animals around the map.

Note: Place your Hunter’s Huts anywhere you can see animals. Build bridges to other areas of the map if you have to.

They can also find animals that can be brought back to your settlement and used in your pastures. While this is your best chance of getting more animals in Settlement Survival, it does seem to be the most random, and time-consuming method.

However, once you’ve found a new animal, you’ll be able to place it in an empty Pasture or Eco-Pasture to produce more of the same kind of animal.

Once you’ve got a good amount of animals, you can use them for different types of clothing, resources for new buildings, and even sell them to make silver coins to purchase new animals.

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