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Resident Evil Village How to Solve the 5 Bells Puzzle

by Kegan Mooney
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Resident Evil Village How to Solve The 5 Bells Puzzle

Resident Evil Village is well known for its puzzles, while they’re not normally the most difficult puzzles to figure out, sometimes it’s hard to spot what’s right in front of you, which is very much the case with Resident Evil Village’s bell puzzle.

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Swingin Bell Behind the Painting

For me the first bell was very obvious, it’s a giant bell swinging back and forth right behind the painting with a clue strapped to it.

The key to this one is timing, wait for a couple of swings just to get a rough idea of how long the bell is visible, and when ready, shoot through the hole in the wall and hit the bell.

If you hit the target, you will hear the bell gong as well as the bell setting on fire. 

Bell to the Left of the Bust

Next to the painting, just below the hole in the wall, you will see a bust, just to the left of this there is a bell sitting on a table, this one is nice and easy as it can be hit with your knife, saving you some bullets.

Bell On Top of the Chandelier

I have no idea how this one took me so long to find, but it did. To the left of the room, you will see a set of stairs, go to the top of them and look at the very top of the chandelier.

Hit the bell and stay on the top of the stairs for the next bell.

RE8 Puzzle

Bell Outside of the Window

This might be the hardest of all the bells to find, as well as being the biggest of them all. You should already be up the stairs after hitting the chandelier, just look past the chandelier and out the window and you will notice there is a big bell tower outside.

You will need two shots for this, pop one at the window to smash it, then another one to hit the bell.

Bell on Top of the Bookshelf

The final bell can be hit on your way down the stairs, to the right of the giant painting on the wall, you will see a bookshelf, on top of that there is a small bell, hit that and you will have completed the Resident Evil Village bell puzzle.

What's Next?

Now you have completed the puzzle, the giant painting will open, revealing itself to be a passageway to the attic.

When you move on to the attic, after climbing the ladder, turn around and you will see a statue which you can destroy.

There is also a treasure map in the attic too, which is worth grabbing for later in the game.

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