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Resident Evil 7 Review

Resident evil is taking horror the scenic route of hillbilly country in the latest installment of the horror survival series.

The resident evil 7 review is one I have been looking forward to writing the games move away from the standard zombie format took my by surprise and impressed me much more than I had expected.  

Resident evil 7 took the game into a whole new direction, moving on from the tried and tested format of fighting hordes of zombies whilst trying to conserve ammunition, and into the heart of the Louisiana bayous and the home of the Baker family.

The Baker family are by far creepier than any zombie I have ever encountered, and quickly became a good excuse to need to change my underwear! These guys are scary, and with the T-virus in their system they feel virtually unstoppable.

The environment:

The Baker family’s house is creepy  enough as it is, with stunning visual graphics and eerie sounds from outside the house, the games enviroments feels very well though out and works to create much more tension, something that the game seemed to have lost over the years. When you do venture outside of the house the bayou with light mist has a very worrying atmosphere that has you looking in every direction for whatever may be lurking in the shadows.

Game bosses:

Bosses in the game range from near human forms to the monstrosity pictured below. As per many of the resident evil titles there are some rinse and repeat tasks to defeat them, some of them are pretty challenging. For example this big fella pictured below doesn’t like being poked in the eye(s) with  a shotgun.

Resident evil 7 boss review

Whilst this is one of the few parts of the game where the format has stayed the same, I still found the bosses very fun, and if the tried and tested format works why change it.

Of course as with most games the further into the game you get the harder and more interesting the bosses become.

The human forms reminded me very much of resident evil 3 and my days of running away from project nemesis and as such has quickly gained a place in my heart as one of my new all time favorite horror games.

The story:

I wont go into the story in too much details, as I hate people who put spoilers online, and try not to become one myself, but a short run down is enough before you play. You start the game in your car, on route to the Baker residence looking for your wife who has been missing for a while, but recently contacted you (Ethan) with details of where she was being held. Upon arriving it’s pretty clear this isn’t a normal situation, and shortly after are confronted by the Baker family who invite you for dinner. After setting up the table with a lovely spread, you realise they are cannibals and decide to decline joining them in cannibalism.

Once you have escaped the dinning room you set out to find your wife, but it’s not going to be an easy task!

VR Mode:

If the base game isn’t enough to scare you, then there is also the VR mode, immersing you into the fear factor of the Baker household and genuinely taking the scare factor to the next level.

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Resident evil 7 is defiantly worth the money if you are a fan of horror games. The game gets intense very quickly and has that edge of the seat feeling throughout. Both the characters and story are great, it's very easy to get drawn into this game.
  • Some jumpy moments
  • A much need change from the normal zombie games
  • VR mode to immerse you into the horror
  • Often makes you think on your feet
  • Baker family are great, even cooked dinner!
  • Very atmospheric
  • A little bit too short for my liking
  • Boss fights can be repetitive
  • Potential to shart oneself
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