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How To Remove An Inactive Player’s Tent Residence In Animal Crossing New Horizons

It’s awesome that you can play Animal Crossing New Horizons with friends and family. Frustratingly, if they join your Animal Crossing village and place a tent, then never play again, it stays there. If you’re wondering how to remove an inactive player’s tent or residence in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH), we have the solution for you!

  1. Load Animal Crossing New Horizons on your Switch
  2. Select the account of the inactive player
  3. Press the minus key on the ACNH home screen
  4. Select Save Data Settings
  5. Delete Resident Registration

The Issue

If your family member or friend plays ACNH on your Nintendo Switch, they can join your village. When you start the game, you’ll choose a location to place your tent; this is the same when family and friends play too.

The issue is, if they’ve placed the tent down and don’t play often or not at all, there’s no easy way to remove the tent. Or so it seems!

animal crossing tent

If a player continues to play on your island, it’s possible to remove their house later in the game. You’ll need to reach certain milestones before this can occur. It costs 50,000 bells to move a residence which is inconvenient, and an expense.

Once you establish that the player never wants to play again, it’s actually easier to remove their player data entirely which will delete their player character and remove their tent (or house).

The Solution

Before deleting a player’s data, it’s best to check that this is okay with them. You won’t want a disgruntled sibling on your hands!

Here’s how to easily remove a player’s tent from your Animal Crossing game:

  • Launch Animal Crossing New Horizons
  • Start the game as the player you want to remove
  • On the title screen, press the “-” (minus) button on your Switch
  • Tom Nook will warn you about changing advanced settings
  • Select “Save Data Settings”
  • Choose “Delete Resident Registration”
  • Tom Nook will explain the details, then select “Delete Resident Registration” again
  • Select “Delete It” (Tom really likes to make sure you’re happy to proceed)

Here’s a visual overview of the steps above:

1. Save Data Settings

animal crossing save data
Tom Nook Advanced Settings: Save Data Settings

2. Delete Resident Registration

animal crossing delete resident
Tom Nook Advanced Settings: Delete Resident Registration

3. Save Data Deleted

animal crossing save data deletion
Tom Nook Advanced Settings: Save Data Deleted

That’s it! You’re all set. You can press the Home button on your Switch and select Animal Crossing New Horizons to play the game on your main account. The player’s tent or residence will now be removed from your island.

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