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Ranch Simulator Build Anywhere Update

by Kegan Mooney

Ranch Simulator, the surprisingly addictive game where players get to build their very own ranch, has now had another major update.

The latest update for Ranch Sim marks the biggest update to the game so far, with the main focus of the update being on allowing players to build anywhere freely.

But there is more, from pig breeding to a new optimized map, the developers have proven to be busy working on this ranch.

It’s also worth noting, updating to the newest version will reset your progression, meaning you will need to start a new ranch, while this might be annoying, it’s perfectly normal for a game in this stage of early access and understandable with such a big game-changing update.

Ranch Simulator Build Anywhere

When we first reviewed Ranch Simulator, the only real issue was not being able to add your own personal touch to the ranch, by placing down buildings where you want them, well that’s no longer an issue.

Chicken coops, fences, foundations, walls, doors, and much more can now be placed wherever you like, meaning you have total freedom to create your perfect ranch.

The old Ranch Simulator building system used pre-determined building spots, in which you could only build in these areas, while there was a lot of them, it lacked some of the freedom this new update offers.

Ranch sim old building system
Ranch Simulator's Old Building System

New Hardware Store Arrives in Ranch Simulator

As well as changes to the building system, Ranch Simulator has also seen map optimizations and a brand-new hardware store, selling various goods such as:

  • Building materials
  • Tools
  • Lawnmowers
  • Trailers
  • paint

The new hardware store will surely come in handy with the construction aspects of our ranches, allowing us to quickly obtain construction materials and more.

Ranch Simulator Map
Ranch Simulator's New Map

Pig Breeding

Until now there were no female pigs in Ranch Simulator, but since the Ranch Simulator build anywhere update, not only has female pigs been added, but now players can also breed pigs.

You don’t need to do anything to make pigs breed other than owning both a male and female pig, they will then… Umm, make little piggies, the number of piglets varies with each litter.

Ranch Simulator Build anywhere poster

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